Theme Update: Apologies If Things are Not Posting Correctly or Sidebars Look Weird

Crossed_Fingers_2The update is complete but I still have some work to do on the sidebars. Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE Sunday July 14, 2013 @ 7:31 pm CDT – I see that my menus (under the header banner) have disappeared and in their place now resides a few post categories. My apologies. I’m working on it. Okay, this one is fixed. On to the next problem.

UPDATE Saturday July 13, 2013 @ 9:40pm CDT: The update will not happen until Monday as some problems have come up.

As you can see, I have removed some items from my sidebar until the job is completed. This weekend and perhaps through Monday, I will be doing a theme update. My page might look funny or disappear. You never know! So this post will stay up until I know all problems, if any, have been worked out. Thanks for your patience. Wish me luck and…

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  • So far, so good!

    • proof, still working on it:-)

  • Richard


    • Richard, isn’t she the cutest!

  • The sidebar does look weird … I’m on it.

    • Woodsterman – big smiles! Rose-colored glasses the best when you’re wearing them.

  • Great photo! we women — always rearranging our blog furniture.

    • Norma, “blog furniture” – exactly. Hubby had to (lovingly agreed to) rearrange some wall deco on his birthday. It’s always something!

  • Barbara

    My left margin seems to be slightly cut off so that the first letter of each word is missing.

    • Barbara, I’ve been tweaking it. It looks fine in my browser now. How about your’s? (and thanks for letting me know).

  • Richard

    I wish my left margin would move more towards the right, and I need to restock my side bar (because of this administration). Baaaaad humor I know. I hope you find the gremlins.

    • Richard, that’s clever humor. Love it!

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