Reds 2 Trailer – Helen Mirren Loves Guns: Bruce Willis – Small Government, Less Taxes, Less Government Intrusion – Don’t Mess With 2nd Amendment

Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren are together again in Reds 2, along with Anthony Hopkins, John Malkovich, Katherine Zeta Jones and Mary-Louise Parker. Mirren says she loves guns. This is a fun trailer, but then Bruce Willis is a fun guy. He stirred up Hollywood Liberals when he said “don’t mess with the Second Amendment,” a solid statement about the Rule of Law, but he also has said he has just as many liberal ideas as he has conservative ideas. He also refused to kiss a male co-star. So far, no one in Hollywood is marching in protest.

Helen Mirren in Reds 2

Helen Mirren in Reds 2

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

You know, small government, yes. Less taxes, yes. Less government intrusion, yes. ~ Bruce Willis

More fun from Willis:

When asked to kiss fellow actor John Malkovich while filming his new movie, Red 2, actor Bruce Willis has admitted he flatly refused, saying he just “wasn’t feeling it.” Source: Christian Post


Reds 2 Trailer (video)

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