Most Influential Blogger Award – My Nominations and the Rules

Teresa at Catholibertarian has nominated me for The Most Influential Blogger Award. There is no voting for this award, just a nod from a friend or maybe someone you don’t even know who thinks your work bears merit. My thanks to Teresa, whom I greatly admire, and who manages two blogs. Visit her at Catholibertarian and Teresamerica. UPDATE: 7-29/30-13 – Readers, it’s impossible to keep track of who has been nominated and has not. The Mad Jewess and Daley Gator nominated me also, so in order not to gobble up all great bloggers before others can nominate them, I have answered their 7 questions at the end. Thank you TMJ and Doug!




1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you

3. Answer 7 questions decided up by your nominator

4. Nominate ( no limit of nominations ) other bloggers for this award and link back to them.

5. Notify those bloggers of the award requirements.

Here are the questions Teresa asked me to answer:

1. If you could create your own planet what would it look like?

My planet would be mostly beach with pretty, small bungalow-type homes with beautiful gardens, lots of vining plants, looking out on to the blue of the ocean and high-rise condos tucked away for those preferring their views from closer to the heavens. Maybe I would have one of each. Somewhere close by would be a sweet little town with a Quick Trip (QT) convenience store. I don’t want to live anywhere, where a QT doesn’t exist and I feel sad for those who must endure life without them. The temperature would be a steady 77 degrees F daytime; nighttime about 60 with a light breeze. The sun would have no harmful UV rays. Once a month, the skies would cloud and a soft rain with big fat raindrops would freshen all of God’s creations. I wouldn’t need cable because my planet would be covered in God’s grace and be angst-free (I’d like to have my iPad though to read with my Kindle app).

2. If you could visit one nation you have never visited before, what nation would that be?


3. What is your favorite song?

I don’t know where to start: Mary Did You Know is one, Barbra Streisand’s If I Could top the list. Following close behind, Joe Cocker’s You Are So Beautiful, Willie Nelson’s Georgia on My Mind, anything by Nancy Wilson, from Fiddler on the Roof Sunrise, Sunset, Andrea Bocelli’s Ava Maria from his Sacred Arias album and Brooks and Dunn Play Something Country. I don’t think I’ve ever had one favorite. I think of a particular song when an occasion brings it to mind but I love listening to any one of these, any time.

4. If you could meet one person who is still alive, who would you choose to meet?

If I could sit down and have a conversation, I think I would choose Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, second would be Associate Justice Antonin Scalia.

5. What is your favorite animal?

It’s not that I’m not an animal lover but I’m not a person who wants animals around at this time in my life, but dogs would definitely be my favorite. I love Scotties and Schnauzers. We’ve never had large dogs, but wish we had – maybe a Lab or German Shepherd.

6. What book has influenced your life (other than the Bible) and describe how?

From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters, because it concerns Palestine and Israel and is impeccably documented. Noam Chomsky excoriates it so I know she hit a nerve – really, it’s the documentation and a reasonable person can’t ignore it.

7. Who is your favorite saint?

As a Protestant, we don’t really consider ‘saints’ as part of our faith, other than some believing we are the saints. To single out some of those with the greatest faith, I would choose Mary, the Mother of God, her husband Joseph who believed God had spoken to his beloved, the Apostle Paul for his true grit and the Apostle John for writing a book that so beautifully expresses the love of Jesus Christ.

The following are my nominations because each delivers hard-hitting opinions on news that makes a difference to your lives and mine, even if you disagree.

…in alphabetical order, all ladies by the way. I love the guys but had to draw a line somewhere (and leave some for others), and I’m trying not to name those who have already been nominated. (Ladies, see your 7 questions below.)

Adrienne’s Catholic Corner (Adrienne) (UPDATE: See Ad’s nominees and answers here)

Always on Watch (UPDATE: See AOW’s nominees and answers here)

American Perspective (Opus6)

An Ol’ Broad’s Ramblings (Kate)


Michelle’s Mirror (MOTUS)

Monkey in the Middle (findalis) (UPDATE: See findalis’ nominees and answers here)

Nice Deb

Noisy Room (Terresa Monroe Hamilton) (UPDATE: See Terresa’s nominees and answers here)

PumaByDesign001’s Blog (UPDATE: See Puma’s nominees and answers here)

Raging Against the Rhetoric (Jackie Wellfonder)

The Lonely Conservative (Karen) (UPDATE: See Karen’s nominees and answers here)

The Mad Jewess (read her nominees and answers here)

Zilla of the Resistance


Nominees, here are your 7 questions:

1. Why did you start a political blog and when?

2. Who is the one person still living that you would most like to meet and chat with?

3. Would you replace Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court John Roberts if given the opportunity, and if so why and replace with whom?

4. If you could visit one nation you have never visited before, what nation would that be?

5. What is something you would collectively change about humanity?

6. What book has influenced your life (other than the Bible or Torah) and describe how?

7. If you were free to live in any city/town you choose in the U.S., which would you choose and why?


I have a second nomination and rather than creating another post and additional nominees, I will answer The Mad Jewess’ 7 questions below:

1. What is your favorite bird?

I don’t know a lot about birds but I’ll assume I do not have to choose from those I can keep in a cage in my home. I love the Baltimore Oriole. When we vacation in Mexico they live in the palm tree above our patio and often join us for coffee in the morning. Their striking black and yellow color is radiant. But then…for the first time, I recently saw a totally red bird fly into one of our Natchez Crepe Myrtle trees. It wasn’t a Cardinal. I did some research and think it was a Summer Tanager or Scarlett Tanager – so vibrant (and I love the color red).

2. What season do you like best:

Fall. So beautiful here in Oklahoma and the weather is glorious.

3. If you could have a home by the sea or in the mountains, which would you choose:

Definitely the sea, particularly on the West Coast.

4. Do you like Vladimir Putin?

Nyet! He’s a dangerous egotist. I believe his present presidency will be disastrous for the people of Russia and for freedom around the world.

5. What decade do you like the best?

When I think of decades I think of music, but I don’t think that’s what TMJ is asking. Then I think about the decade that was the best in my life, and that is definitely the later 70’s when I married the love of my life and had a bouncing baby boy (in that order) and shortly after built our dream home (early 80’s). But then I think about movies and I’m not crazy about movies from the 40’s but love movies about that time period – I adore the clothing – think the recreation of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Some Came Running, Empire of the Sun, The English Patient.

6. What is your favorite TV Show (political, etc.)

I watch political news all day, but when I’ve had enough I go to House Hunters, the Property Brothers or FoodTV to Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (how brave and I to admit that?). But better than movies or anything on TV are the HBO, AMC etc. special series. My all-time favorite is The Wire, still mesmerized by Breaking Bad – can’t wait for it to start again, and dittos Game of Thrones. Wish I would remember to look for documentaries.

7. Do you hate getting old?

Hah! I see every birthday as a blessing. I’m very healthy, very active and when I get ‘really’ old, I hope I’ll still be able to have my eyesight and brain and find three other people to play bridge with, cause I sure can’t find anyone now.


I have a third nomination and rather than creating another post and additional nominees (because we’ll run out of them), I will answer Daley Gator’s questions below – thank you Doug, I’m honored!

1. Why did you start a political blog, and when?

January 2007. Tulsa had a heavy snowfall – snowed in for day – not the norm here. I had never commented in a forum or on any news article or blog. I was clueless but was aware that Blogger said it was easy to do, and so I sat down in my warm socks and robe and did it. I didn’t understand that eventually people might come and read. It was just for me to express my thoughts about politics. Without Barb at FaultlineUSA stopping by, it might have lasted only weeks. She was my mentor and is an amazing woman.

2. Who is the one person still living that you would most like to meet and chat with?

If I could sit down and have a conversation, I think I would choose Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, second would be Associate Justice Antonin Scalia.

3. Which historical figures do you most admire? Name the top 5

1) George Washington, 2) Abraham Lincoln, 3) Lewis and Clark, 4) Thomas Paine 5) Booker T. Washington. So, I count Lewis and Clark as one and leave out General Ulysses S. Grant, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Jonas Salk, Susan B. Anthony, Ronald Reagan and other Founders

4. Would you replace Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court John Roberts if given the opportunity, and if so why and replace with whom?

Yes I would replace him and I’ll steal an answer from another blogger (can’t remember who) and say F. Mark Levin. Not only is he a Constitutional attorney, but he hates leaving his “bunker” so we wouldn’t have to worry about Washington D.C.’s cocktail scene luring him to progressivism. Perhaps on a more serious note, I would pick Associate Justice Clarence Thomas.

5. If you were governor of your state, what would be your first action?

I would revoke giving illegal aliens in-state tuition.

6. Who are your biggest crushes in the blogosphere/media/sports media?

I haven’t a clue how to answer this. I’ll pick Jesse Waters. I love his sense of humor, genuine smile – really a gracious sense of humor and manner used to deal with the libs he has to contend with.

7. If you could go back and change history, would you?

Assuming I can’t convene the Founders to clarify what isn’t clear in our Founding Documents, I would reverse U.S. v Wong Kim Ark – the decision that allowed today’s anchor babies. So much about that decision was/is wrong and not constitutional. Also, the 16th and 17th Amendments need to go.

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