Louise Sollowin 93, Raped Beaten Killed by Illegal Alien Sergio Martinez-Perez

Louise Sollowin, 93 years old, died after illegal alien Sergio Martinez-Perez broke into her home where she had lived for 71 years, raped her and beat her to death. Little comfort to be found in Martinez-Perez being charged with first degree murder, first degree burglary and first degree assault. He doesn’t speak English. He was worthless in this country. There was no grand design for him, but there was for Ms. Sollowin who made children’s clothing, loved to tell stories, loved her family and was loved back.

The officer said Sergio Martinez-Perez, 19, was naked and passed out on top of the woman. Authorities believe Martinez-Perez entered the home through an unlocked door…

But prosecutors have said Martinez-Perez acknowledged assaulting and raping Sollowin, saying he was “angry with women” after a night of drinking. Source: Angry White Dude

Sergio Marrtinez-Perez

Sergio Martinez-Perez

Sergio Martinez-Perez had been in the country for four months and was working for a roofer who should have his own court date and face the consequences of his actions, enabling this man to earn a pay check. Proof at Proof Positive has this story as well and compares it the story of another true immigrant. It is passionately written – comes from his heart, I can tell. I hope you will read it here.

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H/T @Robert_Drobot


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  • Ah, Sergio is one of Obama’s “Dreamers”, who would be given a pass on all sorts of crimes that would have most of us doing hard time, all for the sake of giving him a “path to citizenship”.

    Can we honestly say, Mr. President, that your “Dreamer” was Louise Sollowin’s nightmare? Would you be more sympathetic to securing our borders, if you had a ‘typical white grandmother’ that looked like Louise?

    Secure the border first! Then, we can discuss any “paths to citizenship”.

  • R.H.

    Illegal alien and murder Sergio Martinez-Perez can be the new poster guy for John McCain and Gang of 8 (now 7) With this thug, “gang” sounds more appropriate.

  • How about we hold rallies in every city carrying her picture and screaming:

    Justice for Louise Sollowin!
    No Justice, No Peace!

    Would Obama and the media then listen?

    • findalis, they wouldn’t give us a license to hold the rally and a Conservative can’t do anything without a license.

  • The story is really sickening. Maggie, I will link this post in tomorrow AM’s Best of the Web Linkaround. It will be the very first link at the top of the page.

    I contrasted this piece of human filth Sergio with another immigrant, a legal immigrant, WWII vet and gentleman who passed away recently. Conservatives do not oppose immigration or immigrants, they oppose illegal immigrants, law breakers and people of low moral character, whatever their race or color.

    • proof, it’s a terrible story. Thank you for featuring it tomorrow. I’m coming to read yours now. This one reminds me of something similar here in Tulsa. The woman was 85, raped and beaten, died three days later. Her husband was beaten and shot in the face with a BB gun. He died about a month later. There is one black man in jail. Originally we heard there were four. He won’t get the death penalty because he is mentally challenged. This happened in my “growing up” neighborhood. I must have walked past their house a thousand times. The perp lived four doors down.

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