Juror E-54: Rachel Jeantel Said Trayvon Was at His Dad’s House – How Did He Get Back to Zimmerman?

As I was listening to Valerie Boey from Fox 35 Orlando interview the unidentified Juror No. E-54 in the George Zimmerman trial, one statement caught my attention. Ms. Boey asked him what the key points of the evidence were for him. He said the fact that Zimmerman made a call to 911 and then he mentioned something that Rachel Jeantel said – Trayvon told her he was at this father’s house.


Here’s the transcript of that part of the video, which you can see below, beginning at 4:32 mins-in. E-54 mentions the “T” in the neighborhood. I found this map, numbered where events happened, and the paths both Zimmerman and Martin took that night. But…the map does not show Martin getting to his father’s house (or the house of the father’s girlfriend).

Another key thing for me was tying Rachel Jeantel’s testimony to when she was on the phone with Trayvon, and…you can’t say what she was saying, except for when the phone disconnected and she called back. And she called back and talked to him again. At that point Trayvon said he had lost the man and he was at where his father was staying – he was at that place. At the same time as that happening George Zimmerman had only just gotten out of his car – about 25, 30 seconds so he was still up at the “T,” and Trayvon, according to Jeantel’s testimony, would have been down at the other end of the buildings, at that point. So somehow those two got back together at the top of the “T.” We don’t know how that happened, but in all likelihood, and in my mind, if George Zimmerman had walked down to where Trayvon was, then they both walked back up to the “T,” so that would have implied that Trayvon had followed George Zimmerman back up. If George Zimmerman didn’t walk down there, then Trayvon walked back up to the “T” somehow, cause then the ear witnesses heard the noises up there, most of the witnesses – I believe one said the noises went the other direction but a majority of them had the noises coming from the top of the “T” down to the trunk where John Good saw him laying on the ground with Trayvon on top of George Zimmerman. I believe that John Good said that he believed it was Zimmerman because he had the color of the jacket that he had. Source: Juror E-54

If Jeantel’s testimony is accurate as Juror E-54 relates it, then Trayvon was home and could have stayed there, but decided to go back to where he knew Zimmerman might be, or as E-54 says, they both got to the father’s house and walked back up to the “T,” (where Martin died) which doesn’t make much sense. Zimmerman says Trayvon jumped out of the bushes and attacked him.

If you look at the map linked above, the place where Tracy Martin’s girlfriend lived was about 10 – 15 condo units away (equivalent of 2 full buildings or a little more away – that assessment might be completely inaccurate).

See another map of the area here, with commentary, including a photo of what may be the “T.” If it is the “T,” then the “T” consists of two sidewalks.

Interesting, yes?

Valerie Boey Interview with Zimmerman Juror E-54 (video)

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