Iowa: Rand Paul Polls No. 1, Rubio Drops From 1st to 5th – Patriot Payback, May It Endure

Americans want patriots, defending fathers in our Senate and House. Rubio is no longer in that category, if he ever was. Senators Rand Paul and Marco Rubio both hit the U.S. Senate at the same time, and in that time their records are markedly different. Paul has done what conservatives thought he would do, Rubio…did the 180.

Too Late

Too Late

Sen. Marco Rubio, who had led in previous surveys, has dropped to 5th place. Sen. Rand Paul now leads the pack in the critical first-caucus state.

Sen. Rand Paul leads with support from 18% of Republican voters. Following him are Gov. Chris Christie (16%), Rep. Paul Ryan (15%), former Gov. Jeb Bush (14%), Sen. Marco Rubio (11%), Sen. Ted Cruz (10%), former Sen. Rick Santorum (6%), Gov. Bobby Jindal (2%) and Gov. Susan Martinez (1%).

PPP’s last 2016 survey in Iowa was conducted in February. Sen. Rubio’s support has dropped 5 points since then. Since the February poll, Rubio has been the most public supporter of the Senate amnesty bill, legislation that is increasingly unpopular with the Republican base. Source: Breitbart

Kudos to our friends in Iowa – patriots in the heartland.

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Not that many people noticed but last week defense department civilian employees began their furlough journey.  They will be forced to take to take two days of unpaid time off per pay period for a total of 11 days.  This equates to a 20 percent pay cut for three months  This is a colossal scam that is designed to inflict financial pain so civilian DOD employees will be prompted to write their representatives and voice their outrage in hopes there will be some sort of backlash against the Republicans.  It’s behavior manipulation 101;  exerting negative stimuli in order to elicit some type of desired response.  Just look how minimal these cuts in spending “increases” in a 10 year period really are in the chart below.  It’s nothing but a ruse!

  • poptoy1949

    And this is the way it should be. Rand Paul is a much better thinker than Rubio ever was and makes much more sense.

  • poptoy1949

    Yes indeed. A much better choice than Rubio.

  • I cannot vote for Rand Paul. He is just like his nutcase father. I would vote for Obama before I would vote for Rand Paul.

    Rubio shot himself in the foot with immigration. He could have run and won the nomination but his RINO colors showed.

    • findalis … I think you had better take another look at Rand Paul again. Don’t just look but listen this time at everything. I can’t see much of his father in him at all. And you can’t be serious about Obama. I’ve read some of your stuff before … but, “really.” Come on now.

      • Rand Paul is his father’s son. He has seen how trying to be like his crazy dad would destroy any chance he would have for the Presidency and has worked to do the opposite. But make no mistake. As soon as he would be elected he would revert to his father’s ideas and ways.

        I would vote for Hitler before Rand Paul.
        I would vote for Obama before Rand Paul.
        I would vote for Hillary before Rand Paul.

        • findalis, I’m with Carl on this one. I do believe Paul has some Libertarian leanings, but some of those are good, not including his father’s bias against Israel. Paul is a strong Christian. I don’t think he follows in his father’s footsteps with Israel.

          Having said that, right now I really do not want Paul as our president.

  • So Christie is in second place and Rubio’s in fifth. What does that tell you about the Republican sentiments? Rubio is far more conservative than is Christie. Rubio is trying to break the Dem control over Republican image. Instead of reacting to them, he took the bull by the horns and pushed for immigration reform. It wasn’t a success. It was more of the same. But he had to work with Dems to get something, and what they ended up with was anything and nothing, since it won’t pass the House. But that doesn’t mean Rubio isn’t a conservative in most things.

    • Norma, I can’t explain Chris Christie. Was so shocked at that I didn’t comment until I had time to think about it, but I do not believe Rubio is trying to break Dem control. If immigration goes through, yes, he is in big time with those in control, just like John McCain. He had great personal power. Had he stood for conservatism as he worked on immigration, yet ended up with nothing, he could have been proud of what he has done – but that’s not the way he did it.

      The took the bull by the horns after Schumer showed him which bull to grab on to.

      We will have immigration but it should be done the right way. He took a gamble. He lost. The country lost.

      Christie would have done the same as Rubio, and in my opinion this immigration bill could not be worse, mainly because they think we can’t read. It’s ObamaCare all over again. Rubio lied. We’re not stupid. I’m sick of glad-handing on Capitol Hill. Are futures are dimmer because of it.

  • Good stuff, linked here:

    It’s a MAD, MAD, MAD World!

  • I think Rand’s okay. He’s not his father, especially on Israel.

    • amPowerBlog, I agree. I was not happy with his vote for Brennan – not happy at all and in March when speaking to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, he wanted a “pathway to citizenship” but wasn’t clear that the border must be secure first. Since that time he seems to have come around. I agree that his stance on Israel is far from his father’s.

  • Some say Rubio’s a RINO in republican’s clothing, but I say he’s a democrat in RINO’s clothing. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are CONSERVATIVES! They have my attention.

    • Woodsterman, perfectly said.

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