Illegal Aliens: Detention Center in Arizona Has Hundreds From Yemen Iran Afghanistan Iraq Egypt Pakistan

Crossing our southern border, they come from Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan and Yemen. Hundreds are sitting in a jail in Douglas, Arizona…and many are now Spanish speakers, blending in with Mexicans. How many did we miss, and what happens to them now? Is their destiny to be a DREAMer? Don’t laugh, It’s possible.

911 Report Believes Jihadis Are Crossing U.S. Mexico Border

Muslims Crossing U.S. Southern Border

Government reports you see in the video below say Hezbollah has crossed our border with Mexico. The 911 Commission report believes drug cartels will help these Muslim aliens smuggle weapons into the U.S.

Among the paraphernalia confiscated, a jacket with a badge in Arabic reading “Martyr…Way to Eternal Life” (if that doesn’t show the difference between the Judeo-Christian God and the god of Islam, what does?).

A 20-year veteran of the Border Patrol says “the American public has been kept in the dark….” He also said for every one caught, ten are missed. In April 2013 Tucson Local 2544 Border Patrol website said they catch less than half of those pouring in. Read the full story at Stop Islamization of the World. Thanks to Master of Bronze David Lemon – see his work here.

We Have Left the Backdoor to the U.S. Open – Report From Atlanta (video)

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