ICE Ordered to ASK Adult Violent Illegal Alien Inmates If They Are DREAMERS: If Yes, Inmate is Released

Illegal_Aliens_172Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have been directed to go into prisons, search-out  illegal aliens and ask them: “Do you qualify for President Obama’s DREAM Act?” If the answer is “yes,” they are released. The DREAM Act does belong to Obama – he owns it, and he owns the crime that goes along with it.

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“No investigation, no criminal charges, no consideration of the public safety threat. He’s an Obama Dreamer, let him go, and that’s a scary situation.” ~ National ICE Council President Chris Crane

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Call your Congressman and register your complaint. We must make these calls, and include Benghazi, the IRS, Immigration – a separate call for each. A simple phone call – state your objections, give them your name. Find your Congressman here – just enter your zip code. Find your Senator hereRead the entire story at Moonbattery.

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