GOP Senators Sign Letter to Obama: Permanently Delay ObamaCare – Failure to Work With Congress: House Refused More Funding

All Senate Republicans signed a letter to Obama advising that the whole of ObamaCare  be delayed. At the same time, the House met today and both Speaker Boehner and Rep. Eric Cantor are speaking out. Boehner said the House also sent “letters” to “the president” questioning the “relief” given to businesses but not to individuals. Cantor wants a “permanent” delay.

Photo of Democrat Parade Outside Capitol Hill - a march through the TeaParty Crowd - on the eve of ObamaCare Passing

Photo of Democrat Parade Outside Capitol Hill – a march through the TeaParty Crowd – on the day of ObamaCare Passing

He [Cantor] then called on the House to pass a one-year delay of the individual mandate to go along with an employer-mandate delay.

“After both bills pass we combine them into one bill to send to the Senate,” he said. “On the delay of the employer mandate, we will make the point that the president doesn’t have the authority to just ignore the law. It will also force Democrats into the position of supporting or opposing the president.” Source: National Review

Cantor told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that when the Government ask for additonal funding for ObamaCare, the House said ‘no.’

We said no, we don’t feel that this law is the right direction to go in. Nor do we feel this administration should have the ability to take taxpayer dollars to go and sell and market this bill.

But I think one of the options going forward, Sean, is to take a look at what this White House has done and say, you know what? If it’s fair for big business to be exempted from this mandate, we ought to say the same for individuals. We ought to go ahead and delay the individual mandate. And as you know, that individual mandate is the crux of ObamaCare, without the individual mandate, the whole law collapses.

And again, I believe that the decision that was made by this administration last week is a game changer because it will and has now demonstrated cracks in the coalition behind this law. And I think you’re going to see bipartisan support to go in and try to come down on the side of the people, not just business on this mandate issue. Source: Fox News

Game changer? We’ve had so many that haven’t changed a thing. Maybe this time…

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  • Please God, let it be so! That this country could be rid of Obamacare. I pray….

  • Sit down and shut up, you don’t know what’s good for you.

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  • Who cares about the individual mandate? It has no teeth to begin with.

    The Supreme Court Ruling last year made the mandate permanently ineffective. The law was upheld, but the interpretation that the Federal government could impose a tax, and not a penalty sealed its fate. Only a sizable penalty could do the trick. The tax is far to small compared to the premium cost.