Egyptian Boy, Ali Ahmed 12 Years Old Explains The Problem With Muslim Brotherhood – Inspiring!

The young man below identifies himself as Ali Ahmed. I hope the name is a pseudonym. Ali and the adult man you see briefly with him could be in danger although the video is dated March 2013. He systematically excoriates the Muslim Brotherhood. He talks about “Islamists” and “religion” and “women” and “Fascist Theocracy” and he’s only 12 years old. He clearly is not reading. He knows what he knows. There is talk of “social justice” and if I lived in Egypt I would be wanting some social justice as well. He also believes his “religion” has been misrepresented. Reconciling that will be a hard lesson for him in the future. Fascinating. Watch his face as he speaks. How many Ali Ahmed’s are there like this Ali Ahmed, and wouldn’t you love to know more about his family? I would. Transcript and video below.

Ali Ahmed

Ali Ahmed

Note that the video is dated March 2013, before the recent rejection of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Begin Transcript:

ALI: My name is Ali Ahmed. I’m in First Grade Preparatory [the video indicates this is equivalent to 12 years old]. I’m here today to help prevent Egypt from becoming a commodity owned by one person, and to protest the confiscation of the Constitution by one single party.

We didn’t get rid of a military regime to replace it with a Fascist Theocracy

INTERVIEWER: I don’t even know what that means

ALI: Fascist Theocracy is when you manipulate religions and enforce extremist regulations in the name of religion, even thought religion doesn’t command that.

INTERVIEWER: Who taught you all this?

ALI: I just know it.

INTERVIEWER: How do you know it?

ALI: I listen to people a lot, and I use my own brain, plus I read newspapers, watch TV and search in the internet.

INTERVIEWER: So you see that the country is not doing well and has to change?

ALI: You mean politically or socially? The social objectives of the revolution are yet to be achieved, economic empowerment, freedom and social justice. There are still no jobs.

[at this point and adult put an arm around Ali, and pulls him, but Ali keeps talking. You also later see the adult laughing. – I hope both are still alive today.]

The Police still jail people randomly. As for social justice, how can a news anchor get 30 millions Egyptian pounds while some people still pick food from garbage?

Politically speaking, where is the Constitution that represents us? For example, women are half of the society. How come there are only 7 ladies in the Constituent Assembly, 6 of whom are Islamists?

INTERVIEWER: So you think they are going to manipulate the Constitution?

ALI: What is built on falsehood is false itself, even if the Constitution is nice but the Assembly that drafted it is bad, we will end up with something bad. Don’t bring me 80 good articles and 20 bad ones that will ruin the country and then tell me this is a Constitution.

INTERVIEWER: Did you read the Constitutional Draft, where, on the Internet?

ALI: Yes. For example they say women are equal t men in all matters except in matters that contradict Islamic law, but then, Islamic law allows men to discipline their wives. This can’t work in society.

INTERVIEWER: Why not? What’s the problem?

ALI: The problem is that it’s outrageous. I can’t beat my wife up and almost kill her, and then tell you this is discipline. This is not discipline. This is abuse and insanity. All of this (political process) is void because the parliament in the first place is void. Popularly and constitutionally void.

Some parties based their campaign on mixing religion and politics. Mosques were mobilizing voters. They distributed sugar and cooking oil to the voters and many other things like that.

End transcript:

Thanks to PumabyDesign001’s Blog and Grumpy Opinions

Ali Ahmed on The Problems With Egypt’s Government (center)
Linked at What Bubba Knows where he noticed Ali Ahmed didn’t have a teleprompter. Read about the mess of the IRS mess and who is trying to do something about it. We need to get busy and make things happen.

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  • Devon

    He’s a brilliant little guy and I will name him and his family in my prayers and lift him to God for protection. I pray his circle of influence expands like a pebble dropped in water. Thank God for this ray of hope.

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