Egypt Military Roadmap: Dump Morsi The Constitution Parliament: Young Men With Martyrdom On Their Minds

Note that it may take the Tweets below a few seconds to load. Egyptian President Mohamad Morsi (Mursi) finally made it to the television screen tonight after several cancellations, and said his presidency is “legitimate,” and he protect his position with his life. Morsi indicated he will obey no ultimatum. His supporters gathered near Cairo University in the hours before the televised address. This site quotes the Minister of Health saying sixteen (16) are dead and 200 injured. Twitter is alive with ‘tomorrow will be a big day.’ It is about 5:30 a.m. in Cairo this minute.

The Egyptian armed forces have drafted a political plan that will suspend the constitution, dissolve an Islamist-dominated parliament, and establish an interim council led by the country’s chief justice if the country’s parties do not resolve their differences, military sources told Reuters.

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) gave Islamist President Mohammad Mursi and the opposition until Wednesday to reach a solution. Source Alarabiya

Find a similar report to the above at BBC. At this link also see a video of Morsi supporters – including, according to the commentator Jeremy Bowen…

“young men with martyrdom on their minds,” (carrying burial shrouds as well). ”

“At times the Muslim Brotherhood has been inexperienced and at times, incompetent, but here on the streets, it is a well organized and tenacious movement. Removing them from power is not going to be easy, whoever wants to do it”

The video also shows Egyptian Army photos taken from helicopters – huge crowds, which the commentator says had to play a part in the Military’s decision to step in.

In a blow to Mohamed Morsi’s authority, an Egyptian court says he must “reinstate” and attorney general he fired last year.

Tweets (Cannot confirm validity): Below you’ll read that Mohammed ElBaradei will be the voice of Tamarod (the revolutionaries). ElBaradei is bad news and I’m sorry to hear that those only wanting to live freely will turn to the man who single-handidly allowed Iran to become nuclear. ElBaradei was the head of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). It was ElBaradei who insisted that Iran was doing nothing nuclear. He received a Nobel Peace Prize for his successful deception. During the period of Egypt’s “Arab Spring,” Morsi showed up at the voting booth and was “stoned” by rebels who said they wanted no part of an American Agent, showing they were clueless then, and obviously clueless today. What a difference two years makes.


I do believe it will be almost impossible to dislodge the Muslim Brotherhood, and I also believe tomorrow in Egypt will be a big, and a deadly day.

  • It’s insane what’s going on there in Cairo. I really good friend of mine has lived there for 2 years as a political journalist and after he came back he said he never wants to return, it is really different from the western lifestyle and ethics. I don’t know exactly what he was talking about but I guess he hadn’t got the best experiences…

  • Well, well, well … the people (every damn one of them) in Egypt are understanding that the economy is as important as Allah. No tourists want to visit that cesspool of 12th century thinking.

  • The latest news out of Israel:

    Egyptian tanks on the streets of Cairo.
    Egypt’s military has taken over the media.
    It is a coup d’etat.

    Egyptian army deploys tanks around Morsi’s barracks

    History is repeating itself.