DHS Nat Security Adviser Mohamed Elibiary Supporting MB – Had His Own Freedom and Justice Foundation – Called Robert Spencer “Islamophobe Joker”

Homeland Security Janet Napolitano has defended her appointee, Mohamed Elibiary, as a member of her National Security advisory team. In summer 2012, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) had a heated exchange with Napolitano about Elibiary who has a high level security clearance. Gohmert had information fromt the State of Texas that Elibiary had downloaded classified Texas information about Governor Rick Perry to his home computer – and particularly pertinent today, that Elibiary had tried to receive 501(3)(c) status for his Freedom and Justice Foundation. The 501(3)(c)  was denied. Why would Elibiary name his foundation the same as Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party? As far as I can determine, no action was ever taken against Elibiary for receiving classified information about Perry and trying to shop it to media. He still sits in his comfortable DHS office, and has Tweeted constantly the last few days about the Egyptian military replacing Egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi (Mursi) – the first Egyptian leader to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to run for Parliament (and receive a majority of seats). After the past few days of ‘Egyptians Rising,’ Mohamed Morsi (Mursi) has been outsted and two men who headed the Freedom and Justice Party were taken to Tora Prison, although I’m seeing some information that the men, Saad Katatni and Rashad Bayoumi have now been released (not confirmed).

UPDATE 7-6-13: 

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DHS Nat Security Adviser Mohamed Elibiary Supporting MB – Had His Own Freedom and Justice Foundation … http://nblo.gs/MSgeT 
Mohamed Elibiary

Mohamed Elibiary

In the video below, Rep. Louie Gohmert(R-TX) grills Napolitano for the second time about Elibiary’s connection to terrorism. Gohmert confronts her with the fact that “this White House seems to have a hard time recognizing members of terrorist groups who are allowed inside the White House.”

…are you aware that Mr. Eliabiary’s foundation that has now had their charter pulled because they failed to provide the information that the Government requires to keep their 501(3)(c) status, are you aware that that was, before the 501(3)(c) status was pulled, was called the Freedom and Justice Foundation?

Napolitano refuses to answer the question and finally comes up with:

Representative, with all respect, I believe you are insinuating that I and members of my staff…

Rep. Gohmert is a bulldog. He insists he is not insinuating anything, he wants a yes or no answer to his question – did she know Elibiary’s Foundation is the same name as the political wing of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood – the Freedom and Justice Party?

The chairman comes to Napolitano’s rescue and lets her say that she didn’t know the committee was a court:

…the insuation that I or any member of my staff would allow any terrorist to infiltrate…

Gohmert is furious.

Well he should be. The Obama administration has notified national law enforcement officials that specifically Islamic criticism of the American system of government is legitimate. Not so for the average American’s opinions of the Constitution and Global Warming.

…“Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” [pdf], which warned of the dangers posed by pro-life advocates, critics of same-sex marriage and groups concerned with abiding by the U.S. Constitution, among others.

I hope you will watch the video below of Gohmert and Napolitano and observe the clear disrespect for Congress and the rights of our elected officials to know and understand what the Executive Branch, and unelected bureaucrats are doing behind the walls of the mammoth DHS headquarters. Read more at Walid Shoebat and my previous post when Napolitano accuses the Great State of Texas of lying about Elibiary.


Elibiary Tweets (constantly) – and note that as a Department of Homeland Security adviser he publicly denigrates Robert Spencer of JihadWatch and doesn’t have much to say about the revolutionaries (Tamarod).

Elibiary is asked:


If I read this correctly, just about 1 hours ago, Elibiary believes the pro-Morsi supporters, the Freedom and Justice Party and the Muslim Brotherhood are too powerful for the Egyptian Military:











Rep. Louie Gohmert Questions Janet Napolitano (video)
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