Democrats Have a Few More Beers on July 4 – Belch Some Big Ones in Relief: ObamaCare Delayed Until After Mid-Term Elections

Employers with 50 or more employees will not be required to implement ObamaCare requirements until after the 2014 mid-term elections. Democrats on Capital will have a few more beers and belch a few big ones in relief, on Independence Day. Satisfied with thoroughly routing our independence as a body of Americans, with no low-information voter consequences at the polls, makes for happy Progressive Pigs.



Where is Congress in this decision? They passed the law. They make the law, not the administration. How does Congress feel about Obama once again absconding with its constitutionally authorized duties and obligations? Why hasn’t the House defunded this lawless law? If the House doesn’t “appropriate” funding for it, how is it funded?

The Obama team said it was delaying the provision because reporting requirements were too burdensome. Officials said they needed more time to fix them.

Yet they didn’t delay the tax consumers face for not carrying coverage. The delay on the employer mandate will inevitably expose some additional consumers to the “individual mandate” (ruled a tax by the Supreme Court). Source: Forbes

Congress said throughout the discussions before passing the bill…so that we could know what’s in it, that ObamaCare is not a tax, yet the US Supreme Court said the legislation is a tax – but only Congress can pass a tax, and they didn’t pass a tax.

Defund and impeach!

  • Faultline USA

    Excellent article. Very well said! Why isn’t the media, including Fox, asking these same questions?