Daily Laugh: Soledad O’Brien Moves to Al Jazeera America to Report the UnReported: Start with UnReported Climate Change Hoax, Muslim Atrocities Against Women, Girls and Boys

Soledad O’Brien’s CNN morning show Starting Point had it’s ending point in March with the distinction of deservedly embarrassing ratings, even when combined with the show airing prior to her’s, Early Start. The duo racking-up a total of 220,000 viewers in January 2013 combined, compared to Fox and Friend’s 1.2 Million. In that same month, Al Gore had finalized the sale of Current TV to the Islamic country of Qatar – one of only two Wahhabi states on the Arabian Peninsula. Even MSNBC’s Morning Joe doubled the CNN duo with 446,000 viewers. O’Brien gushes about her status as a “special correspondent” for Al-Jazeera, and her “relationship” with the dynasty adhering to Islamic law  (Shariah) to dictate the fate of families, and particularly Muslim women and their children.

Soledad O'Brien

Soledad O’Brien

Known for being an adoring Leftist and hotly promoting the Progressive agenda, in sync with CNN, what will she do now that the company she works for is owned by a Muslim state? We can only imagine. She might score a second Al Jazeera interview with the cleric who has already affirmed the death penalty for those who leave Islam.

Former Al Jazeera anchor Dave Marash, who came to the network from Britain, quit Al Jazeera because he realized that it was not a free and open news source but was controlled by the Qatari government all the way down the line. Source: Breitbart

…as if she would recognize “unreported” news.

Bill Clinton’s Vice President Al Gore made $70 Million on the sale of his 20 percent ownership. Gore, King Obama’s Queen of the Bashing-Big-Oil Oligarchy, might have the last laugh, but he should be on his knees praying that none of his loved ones will suffer from his folly one day.

I have a tip for Soledad – guaranteed to skyrocket her ratings: Start your Al-Jazeera America career with  an exposé on CNN’s false Global Warming reporting by willing dispension of disbelief and purposeful omission.

  • She should fit right in there. She hates Jews as much as they do.