Cairo Muslim Brotherhood Burned Ransacked: Morsi Given 1-Day Ultimatum – Cabinet Members Resign

The Guardian article quoted below says the Muslim Brotherhood “returned fire,” and killed four (4), injured injured at least eighty (80). One attempt to damage the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters failed yesterday. On the Facebook page of Tamarod (Rebel), Morsi was given a one-day ultimatum to step-down (as four Morsi Cabinet members resign), or protesters would begin a civil disobedience movement. So far, Morsi hasn’t been inclined to take the many millions of protesters seriously – protesters made up of mostly secular Egyptians and Christians according to a Fox News reporting on air now.

Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters with (allegedly) Protesters Inside

Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters with (allegedly) Protesters Inside



One attempt to enter the Muslim Brotherhood Cairo offices yesterday, but  was repelled. Brotherhood offices are the targets of protestors all across Egypt.

At roughly 7am, after 12 hours of fighting, Brotherhood reinforcements arrived – possibly, bystanders said, because one of the fires had grown too big, and those inside now feared being smoked out. The reinforcements covered their colleagues’ exit with live fire – the Guardian later saw bullets being plucked from the wall. Bystanders said that some Brotherhood members were injured and handed to the authorities during the blaze.

Once the other Brotherhood members fled, protesters stormed the compound and accelerated the blaze. Firefighters said they arrived at 9am – too late to save the building, which is now charred and still filled with smoke. Once the worst of the fire was put out, hundreds re-entered the building, looting and destroying its remaining features…

Opponents of the Brotherhood detest the organisation because it is perceived to unduly influence Morsi, a political associate, and because it seeks to impose too narrow a vision of Islam on Egyptian society. Source: The Guardian

Morsi’s Ministers of Tourism, Environment, Communication and Legal Affairs have resigned today, the second day of the protests.

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Cairo Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters Ransacked: Morsi Given 1-Day Ultimatum – Cabinet Members Resign

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