Asiana Airline Boeing 777 Flt 214 Crashes at San Francisco Airport: Top of Plane Burned-Out, Tail Separated on the Runway

According to Fox News on-air anchors, KTVU is reporting burn injuries from the crash of an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 from South Korea at 11:30 am PST in San Francisco.  According to Fox News’ Greg Jarrett, he looking at a photo showing the plan in one piece, although there have been reports that the back half of the flight separated from the front half, the tail-end of the plane appears to be open, with no tail showing on cameras. One emergency slide appears to have deployed. I can see the top of the plane completely burned and opened to the sky. Jarrett is saying that he sees no passengers, although an earlier reports say that at least some passengers were seen escapting on an emergency slide. The tail is now in view somewhere on the runway, and is in three pieces.  will continue with updates, minute-by-minute while news is forthcoming. UPDATE: One source says everyone got off the flight safely. See the update below.

The above is identified as an Asiana Airlines 777-200ER, which may or may not be identical to the flight crashed in San Francisco 6-6-13

The above is identified as an Asiana Airlines 777-200ER, which may or may not be identical to the craft crashed at the San Francisco Airport 6-6-13

Conversation on Fox now is talking about the oddity of the tail being nowhere in sight. A spokesperson on Fox is saying this is most unusual and theorizes that something inside the flight could have exploded – just speculation. Jarrett says it appears the landing gear has collapsed.

UPDATE 6/7/13 @ 6:09pm CDT: The two Chinese female teenagers ejected from the plane and killed are Ye Mengyuan and Wang Linjia, both 16, were students at Jiangshan Middle School in Zhejiang province bordering Shanghai…. Fox is just reporting that the girls may have been run-over by emergency vehicles. Also from Fox, two of the injured are paralyzed. Seventeen (17) remain hospitalized, 6 of those in critical condition.

The NTSB reports that the Black Box (actually orange) shows that throttles were at idle and air speed was slowed below target airspeed. Throttles were advanced seconds before impact.

UPDATE 7:45pm CDT: Press Conference – 307 aboard (291 passengers, 16 crew), including crew. 181 transported to local hospitals, 49 of those were considered in “serious” condition,” 132 transported later after triage, with injuries considered “minor,” 123 in the SFO terminal and uninjured, 2 confirmed “dead on arrival,” and one person is unaccounted for.

Asiana Airlines barely missed a 747, according to reports. Fox News’ Claudia Cowen says eyewitnesses say the 747 was on the “same” runway – remember unconfirmed.

UPDATE 7:02pm CDT: The news gets much worse: Claudia Cowen is reporting 130 are hospitalized and sixty-seven (67) still unaccounted for. There has been an official statement that the crash is not due to terrorism.

UPDATE 6:20pm CDT: Fox reporting again that two (2) are believed confirmed dead. An office whose title I didn’t get, 130 hospitalized 67 still unaccounted for. There were 291 aboard plus 16 crew members. Eyewitnesses are reporting that the craft came in fast and was wobbly. On woman said when the plane hit the runway she saw sparks from the rear of the plane, then it spun and went off of the runway. Another woman (I believe she was on the runway in a plane waiting to take off) said she saw the engine break off and fly apart from where the craft landed.

UPDATE 6:20pm CDT: Sixty-one Americans are reported to have been onboard Asiana Flight 214. The number of injuries or deaths among Americans has still not been cited. Twenty-eight are reported hospitalized, with at least ten (10) in critical condition, including two children.

UPDATE 3:45pm CDT: Fox News’ Claudia Cowen is at the SF airport. She has been told two are dead and 48 injured.

UPDATE 3:29pm CDT: Gregg Jarrett is talking to Capt. Chuck Nash, a former Navy pilot. Jarrett says they continue to get multiple reports that the plane cartwheeled on landing. Doesn’t look it, but…this coming from eyewitnesses.

UPDATE 3:16pm CDT: Looks like the tail of the plane hit the jetty just before the usable runway, according to pilot and Fox anchor, Jon Scott – that from looking at the debris field – not confirmed.

UPDATE 3:15pm CDT: The landing gear had come down when the tail of the plane came off, according to an eyewitness. Damage to both wings, one emergency slide worked. There is a medical triage on site. Robert Mark, an 777 pilot and editor of says the tail could separate with a faulty hard landing. The winds reported as 9mph at the time of the landing. Updates as available.

UPDATE 3:14pm CDT: From photos Fox has available now, it may be that the fire had not engulfed the top of the plane before the fire burned-out the top.

UPDATE 3:12pm CDT: Identified as Flight 214 from Seoul South Korea. Reports of 219 aboard – unconfirmed.

UPDATE 3:10pm CDT: Greg Jarrett now quoting a reporter from the AP – the plane was wobbling before it hit the runway. The tail hit the runway first and separated.

UPDATE 3:10pm CDT: One passenger reported critical. A few others taken to the hospital. Most are fine.

UPDATE 2:55pm CDT: Scott Brenner, Former Senior FAA Official  (on Fox) says everyone got off of the plane – everyone is safe – but he will not give his source – says that they are FAA Officials. He doesn’t know how many passengers were aboard or if there were injuries. He says he has not heard of a “tail coming off.”

UPDATE  2:54 CDT: San Francisco Airport spokeswoman says the flight was “supposed” to land on Runway 28 Left.

Photo Credit: WikiCommons