Anthony Weiner’s Sextpot Sydney Leathers Poses on Beach: Sugar Daddies Beware!

One of former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s sexting partners, Sydney Leathers poses on a beach. How embarrassing! The New York Post has eleven more. See them here.

Sydney Leathers

Sydney Leathers


Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin are running for New York City Mayor. He was in the lead, even though New Yorkers knew all about his sextexting escapades (including the Caped Crusader) – they were supporting him anyway. Campaign Manager Danny Kedem has quit.



The Bible Belt [Sydney Leathers] bad girl spilled her guts to “Inside Edition” last week, exposing Weiner’s love of phone sex and texting x-rated pictures of himself.

Even though Leathers said she’s “disgusted” by Weiner, pals of the pretty brunette said she doesn’t mind attention from financially well-endowed men.

Leathers was a gold-digging social climber who trolled Internet “sugar daddy” sites for wealthy men — and was not above taking a few Benjamins just for “talking,” according to her online chats and profiles, as well as school pals.

She went for Weiner, but her friends say cash was her real turn-on.

“She used to meet men,” said a 27-year-old former girlfriend from Chicago who requested anonymity. “She met a few guys on that site when she was visiting me. She wants the lifestyle without working for it.”

Leathers called herself a “22-year-old SugarBaby,” according to her profile on the SugarDaddyForMe dating Web site. Source: New York Post

Now that the photos of Leathers are out, Sugar Daddy’s may be looking for less cellulite in their sugar. Be reminded of who Weiner is through the links below.

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