Amina Sboui Tyler Trial July 4: FEMEN Topless Protests – In a Mosque: My Body Not Your Honor – Topless Jihad Day

Women in the Ukranian FEMEN movement, one Egyptian, one Tunisian and one Swedish, protested topless in a mosque in the city of Södermalm, Sweden in defense of Tunisian Amina Sboui Tyler (19). Tyler was put on trial for posting topless photos of herself on Facebook with the caption: “My Body Is My Own And Not Your Honor.” Three members of the FEMEN movement from France and Germany took their topless protest directly to Tunisia outside the Tunis Palace of Justice and were arrested.  April 4th was International Topless Jihad Day with the general theme of “Free Amina” and “F*** Your Morals.” Three videos below. Warning: Partial nudity on full display.

Free Amina Protest In Front of the Tunisian Palace of Justice

Poster: Free Amina Protest In Front of the Tunisian Palace of Justice

Femen staged a number of bare-breasted protests across Europe as part of a topless jihad day in her support. The initiative was criticised by a group of Muslim women who launched a counter-protest against Femen. Amina herself appeared on video to distance herself from the protests but later said she had been forced to do so. Source: Huffington Post

As the trial of the three European activists opened in Tunis, several Islamist groups put their names down as official complainants in the hearing. Under Tunisia’s legal system outside bodies can participate in a trial as “injured parties” and sue for damages. Source: IB Times UK

Adel Almi who heads the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in Tunisia (maybe in the city of Kairouan where Tyler was arrested – the city considered the “fourth holiest city in Islam) called for her DEATH by whipping or stoning.  She was charged with carrying a can of pepper spray, was fined, is still in jail and facing new charges for writing the words “FEMEN” on a cemetery wall, indecency and “criminal conspiracy.” Amina now faces up to eighteen (18) years in prison. Her court date is July 4, 2013.

The FEMEN activists who protested outside of the Tunisian Palace of Justice and were charged with “public indecency,” “an assault on morals,” and “public disturbance.” The three were  jailed for about a month, were released on June 27 and left the country.

The protesters who bared their breasts inside a “mostly empty” (pre-alerted) mosque in Sweden were arrested on “the suspicion of disorderly conduct.” No information at this time about their arrest. See and hear the Egyptian woman speaking in the first video below.

“If we did that demonstration in my country, we [would get] raped, we’re going to be cut with knives, we were going to be killed,” Egyptian protester Aliaa Magda Elmahdy told the Swedish station AftonBladet. Source: Huffington Post

While I believe public nudity of either gender is an indecency, Islamist’s disregard for human rights is the real issue. Women surrounded by the atrocities of Islam have few options to get their voices heard. Nudity gets attention. In the U.S. you won’t find Feminists defending young Muslim women/girls against honor killings, isolation and dishonor by the Muslim men closest to them, the men who should love and protect them – it’s always about the honor of the Muslim man.

American feminists, well, they protect the Muslim male as well. Nudity in America, in the form of protest,usually involves wearing a lettuce leaf in one private area, nothing in two others, to protest the killing and consumption of animals.

The first video below is the Swedish protest (nudity). The women are worth listening to.

Below a western anchor woman explains the mission of FEMEN, (no nudity) and why a topless protest makes sense in this case. She quotes: “Our boobs will be stronger than their stones,” and “our tits will be stronger than their stones.”

The video below is the Tunisian protest (nudity) in front of the Court.

Another interesting video here, with Amina’s lawyers speaking, and her accusers speaking.

Amina Sboui Tyler’s court date is just two days away. My prayer for her is that she is freed and leaves the Muslim country she calls home. Women in Egypt, Tunisia or any Muslim country will not win the fight to live freely.  Graphic courtesy of