ABC Edits Dices Splices Juror B29 “Maddy” Comments on George Zimmerman: “Got Away With Murder” Not Quite How She Said It

George Zimmerman juror B29 identified as “Maddy,” was interviewed by ABC’s Robin Roberts.  There is a lot to story and I’ll let you read it at NewBusters. There’s more to it than just “he got away with murder.” Here’s a snippet:

Zimmerman Juror B29 - Maddy

Zimmerman Juror B29 – Maddy

But, he added, “the video that’s available already shows, on closer inspection, that Maddy has been manipulated and misrepresented.”

For starters, he said the phrase “got away with murder” was put in her mouth.

“Some people have said, ‘George Zimmerman got away with murder. How do you respond to those people who say that?’” Robin Roberts asked.

“George Zimmerman got away with murder. But you can’t get away from God,” the juror responded.

But Saletan said that’s not quite how the exchange took place.

“In the unedited video, Roberts’ question is longer, with words that have been trimmed from the Nightline version, and Maddy pauses twice, for several seconds, as she struggles to answer it,” he said.

Saletan said one has to watch the juror, not just listen to her words. According to Saletan, Maddy is trying to reconcile the premise of the question with her own sentiment, and repeats the quote, adding her own words to indicate that while Zimmerman was found not guilty, he would eventually have to answer to a higher authority. Read it all at Newsbusters

Media will not let the truth out about George Zimmerman because they don’t have to. You’ll remember that NBC edited the audio of Zimmerman’s 911 call to make him appear racist. I’m tempted to say, you’d think ABC would have learned the lesson of NBC, but there is no one to hold them accountable to the wider audience, so lying by omission is accepted as truth. Network media is full of particularly flawed souls, accepting CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson who has been spied upon, hacked and maligned for telling the truth and probably will be ousted from the Dan Rather network soon. The Lonely Conservative has more on this story.

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