The Greater Good of Social Engineering: Zimmermans Hispanic Mother and Black GreatGrandDad

What if George Zimmerman had a maternal GreatGrandDad who was Black and a Grandmother who was half-Black, perhaps with some Hispanic blood as well – lending the Hispanic heritage to Gladys Zimmerman, George’s mother? That’s the claim an Orlando CNN analyst and attorney made on the Piers Morgan show. Mark NeJame says a Zimmerman family member gave the photo to a friend and the friend passed it on to him. The baby in the the arms of George’s GreatGrandDad (seen below) is said to be Gladys, and the woman Glady’s Mother and George’s Grandmother. Now that’s a bit of social engineering, right? But it isn’t enough for America’s radical Black population. See a video below.

George Zimmerman's Great Grandfather and Grandmother with baby Gladys

George Zimmerman’s Great Grandfather and Grandmother with baby Gladys

A Trayvon Martin family attorney, Jasmin Rand told Greta Van Susteran her job is also to be a “social engineer” but in this case, the Zimmerman family, beginning generations ago, were way ahead of Jasmine Rand.

With not even the slightest proof that Zimmerman profiled Trayvon Martin or had the slightest racist tendencies, the NAACP is rousing “their” people (the same people Eric Holder says are “his” or “my people” to be exact) and calling for a civil rights suit against Zimmerman.

The selective outrage of the NAACP and that of the twisted-twosome Al Sharpton, an MSNBC commentator, and Jesse Jackson is out-of-control. We have the Department of Justice funding their street protests but who is helping the Zimmerman family get on with their lives? How does one get past the Black social engineering in this country?

Tracy Martin

Tracy Martin

Gangs could be called social engineers. There are no claims that George Zimmerman was connected to a gang, either in his youth or now, but Trayvon Martin’s Dad might have had some such connections – tattoos now hidden, photos with gang finger-signs. Trayvon’s “stepmother” Alicia Stanley says she raised Trayvon for 14 years, beginning at the age of 3. She told Anderson Cooper that Tracy Martin ignored his son. The night Trayvon died he was staying at the home of his father’s girlfriend.

I’m the one at all the football games; I’m the one who took care of him when he was sick” — she said that it broke her heart when she wasn’t allowed to sit on the front row at Trayvon’s funeral.

“They told me to ‘get in where I fit in,’ ” Stanley said, getting choked up. “I can’t sit on the front row at my son’s funeral to see him home. That hurt me, that was the most painful thing they could do to me.”

Read more in the link to The Other McCain below.

There’s that inconvenient text saying Trayvon’s Mother, Sybrina Fulton, kicked him out of the house and his girlfriend, Rachel Jeantel saying Trayvon called Zimmerman a “crazy assed cracker,” but certainly it wasn’t a racist statement or pejorative in anyway – according to Jeantel – no profiling from the Martin side LOL. So sad.

The text messages were not allowed into Zimmerman’s trial because the story was, it couldn’t be proven it was actually Trayvon writing the texts. Really? Where was the testimony of those receiving the texts and texting back? There might have been a clue there.

The text messages include a conversation from November 2011 in which he appears to say his mother has kicked him out of the house after:
“da police caught me outta skool.”

“So you just turning into a lil hoodlum,” the person with whom he is texting says.
“Naw, I’m a gangsta,” the text message read.


In other messages, text message exchanges appear to be discussing guns.
“U wanna share a .380 w/ (blacked out),” one text message sent from Martin’s phone reads

The text messaging logs are also peppered with references to marijuana use.
“I got weed nd I get money Friday,” a message sent from his phone reads.
“I hid m weed,” another text sent from Martin’s phone reads. “its wrapped.” Read more and see photos here.

“gangsta,” “da police,” “sharing a .380” and “weed” and “money.” This was surely a young man with no designs on making trouble. Nope, no trouble.

The February 2012 shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martion might never have happened if school officials in Miami-Dade County had not instituted an unofficial policy of treating crimes as school disciplinary infractions. Revelations that emerged from an internal affairs investigation explain why Martin was not arrested when caught at school with stolen jewelry in October 2011 or with marijuana in February 2012. Instead, the teenager was suspended from school, the last time just days before he was shot dead by George Zimmerman.

Trayvon Martin was not from Sanford, the town north of Orlando where he was shot in 2012 and where a jury acquitted Zimmerman of murder charges Saturday. Martin was from Miami Gardens, more than 200 miles away, and had come to Sanford to stay with his father’s girlfriend Brandy Green at her home in the townhouse community where Zimmerman was in charge of the neighborhood watch. Trayvon was staying with Green after he had been suspended for the second time in six months from Krop High School in Miami-Dade County, where both his father, Tracy Martin, and mother, Sybrina Fulton, lived. Source: Stacy McCain writing for The American Spectator – much more to this story, read it here. And read the background at Stacy’s The Other McCain.

Remember the Chicago shooting death of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton? It made the news because she appeared as part of the entertainment at Obama’s 2013 inauguration and died just a few days later from a gang-related gun shot to the back. She was an honor student with a bright future, not involved with any gang, and unfortunately, as the the 18-year-old triggerman Michael Ward said, “she was just there.”

Michele Obama attended the funeral of Ms. Pendleton. Nothing from the NAACP about Hadiya that I can find, but they did give Harry Belafonte a venue to express his rage at White America at the 2013 NAACP Image Awards. Belafonte took the stage and said blamed guns (translated meaning “White People”):

The group most devastated by America’s obsession with the gun, is African Americans. Although making comparisons can be dangerous, there are times when they must be noted. America has the latest prison population in the world. And of the over 2 million men, women, and children who make up the incarcerated, the overwhelming majority is black. We are the most unemployed, the most caught in the unjust systems of justice, and in the gun game, we are the most hunted. The river of blood that washes the streets of our nation flows mostly from the bodies of our black children. Yet, as the great debate emerges on the question of the gun, white America discusses the constitutional issue of ownership, while no one speaks of the consequences of our racial carnage. (Applause)

The question is, where is the raised voice of black America? Why are we mute?

Where are (Applause) Where are our leaders? Our legislators? Where is the Church? Source: SBPDL Blog

Where are the voices of Black America about the death of Hadiya Pendleton, Cornelius GermanJoshua Proutey, Nancy and Bob Strait (who by the way, could have looked like my Mother and Father), Sterling Sims, just 5-years-old and his Mother, Antonio Fenner (16), Damani Henard (14), Ed Cooper (15), Jonylah Watkins (6 mos old) and her father and, oh so many more.

Where are the parents? Where are the parents?

A February 2013 article says the South and West side neighborhoods of Chicago are where the gang problems exist, and they “need to get the guns off the street and stop violence.” No mention of the thugs, just the guns.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) introduced the Gang Abatement and Prevention Act of 2009. The NAACP fought it until it died claiming discrimination. No doubt the Congressional Black Caucus contributed to it’s demise.

The bill would have poured taxpayer dollars into the problem and would have likely boosted salaries somewhere up the chain, but the point is, even when we try to do bring attention to children killing children the NAACP screams discrimination, and now they’re doing the same to a man who was trying to protect his own neighborhood and who had the authority to do so.

It takes a blogger to notice that in the 513 days since the Zimmerman/Martin encounter and the verdict of not Not Guilty, 11,106 Blacks have been murdered by Blacks. This doesn’t include the number of Black babies aborted.

Another blogger notices that January 1, 2013 through July 15, 2013, there were 157 homicides of Blacks in Chicago. “Sixteen of them were under 18 years of age.

Another blogger did the investigation the media refused to do. I won’t quote from The Last Refuge. Just go here, read and click through. 

Sadness from the administration at Hadiya’s death, an invitation to her Mother to sit next to the First Lady at the 2013 State of the Union address, but no outrage that murder by and of children is on the menu everyday in Chicago, very near the Obama’s own home, because the victims are “just there.”

The first Black President who is as White as George Zimmerman is White (his Father is German) should be appalled and all over the NAACP, Sharpton, Jackson and the New Black Panther Party, and leading the way to putting an end to the insanity and demanding the focus be on those they know to be guilty as hell of killing their own, if we must consider our color to be something untouchable by others, as Eric Holder does. When Whites try that it’s called the Klan.

Yes, we can talk about one dead child, Trayvon Martin – always one too many, but how about Hadiya Pendleton?

Author Colin Flaherty:

Racial mob violence and lawlessness ignored by the media and downplayed by the police is now so common I could write a story about it every day.

My backlog is enormous. There have been recent examples of black mob violence and lawlessness in Norfolk, Los Angeles, Tacoma, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Haven, Gaithersburg, England, Ireland, Canada, Baltimore, Phoenix. We have black mob violence against gays, women, Asians, and on and on and on. These are all in addition to more than 400 cases I have already reported from 80 cities around the country.

Jasmine Rand

Jasmine Rand

Listening to Jasmine Rand last night, she believes in creating fear through public outcry – just like Community Organizer Barack Obama did when he taught the single mothers of Chicago to beat down the doors of City Hall for bigger welfare checks. It worked. In the Martin case, the outcry engineered the arrest of George Zimmerman. Now the state of Florida looks like fools, and the Zimmerman family are all fearful for their lives. Yes, social engineering definitely works.

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Mark NeJame, CNN Analyst (video)