Tamara Holder Sleeps with Jesse Jackson – Jackson Aide Aruba Tommy Has to Clean Up the Hotel Room?

Two Tamara Holder posts, one after the other today. Tommy R. Bennett, known as ‘Aruba Tommy’ on Chicago radio, was an aide to the, uh, Revvvvrend Jesse Jackson. Aruba Tommy is a gay man. Attorney Thomas V. Leverso has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Tommy Bennett alleging he was used to escort wormen to the, uh, Revvvvrend Jackson’s motel hotel room for “sexual intercourse.” On one occasion, the hotel was the Hilton at Chicago O’Hare airport. The lawsuit alleges that Jackson visited Holder’s apartment while Bennett waited in a car outside, was known as his “mistress” and Jackson’s family was told about Tamara by another “mistress” via a letter.  According to Tommy, Fox News analyst and all-around ditsy Dem, Tamara Holder was among those women. Tommy says he was forced to clean up the mess “after” the hotel meet-ups.

Tamara Holder

Tamara Holder

Bennett worked for Jackson for more than two years and was known as “Aruba Tommy” on local Chicago radio station WVON. The lawsuit alleges that Bennett was subjected to “humiliating tasks” because he was a homosexual, such as “escorting women to his [Jackson’s] hotel room” and then being ordered to clean up after Jackson had sexual intercourse with them.

One of those women, the suit claims, was Tamara Holder, a pundit and criminal defense attorney who claims she “single-handedly” founded what she calls “a pro bono legal clinic at Rev. Jesse L. Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition.” A self-described Democrat, she appears regularly on Fox News to defend the Obama Administration and other prominent Democrats. “Because of the Democratic Party’s deep Chicago roots, Tamara has worked closely with some of the City’s most prominent leaders,” her website says. Source: Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy in Media (AIM)

You can guess by now that gay man Tommy Bennett was fired by the Jackson organization, thus the lawsuit. Bennett claims discrimination by the Black Revvvvrend Jesse Jackson because he is gay.

The, uh, Revvvvvrend Jesse Jackson

The, uh, Revvvvrend Jesse Jackson

Last night Tamara Holder did her usual spin on The Sean Hannity Show. In a discussion about Eric Holder lying about naming correspondent James Rosen a “co-conspirator” in an “espionage” case, she told Sean he didn’t understand law. It’s okay to indicate Hannity is stupid, as Tamara does it with regularity. Hannity said, well Bill Cunningham (sitting next to Tamara) is a lawyer and the conversation shifted to Cunningham, to whom Tamara said to “shut-up” after he said she was “judicially challenged.” See that video here. When I checked Wikipedia about Tamara’s background, I found that she is a lawyer, but failed to mention that convenient fact during the show. Apparently the Tamara N. Holder, LLC Law firm exists.

Choice quotes from Rush Limbaugh:

Tamara Holder, Fox News contributor, lawyer — yep — accused of having an affair with Jesse Jackson in a lawsuit that, quote, “alleges the illegal use of a gay Jackson employee to facilitate the relationship.”  What in the world does that mean?

Well, seriously.  So much racism out there, where does he find the time to bed these babes? …This is Tamara Holder.  You know what she was?  She was a pardon attorney.  She specialized in getting pardons from Blagojevich.  That’s why Jackson hired her.  We’ve been doing some research here, folks. She’s a pardon attorney, and that’s how the Reverend Jackson came across her.  From her online law bio: Tamara foundedwww.xpunged.com, which is a Chicago based expungement practice that provides a second chance to those who have been convicted of expungable offenses under Illinois law.  She also helps ex-offenders seek a governor’s pardon for nonexpungable offenses.  She’s met privately with Governor Blagojevich on the issue of pardons.  She was invited to work with the Reverend Jackson, founder and president of the Rainbow PUSH Monochrome Coalition.

I remember Tamara on Hannity some time ago – in fact I think I remember her twice saying she did not vote for Obama in 2012, but didn’t say who she voted for. Whatever. Thanks to Laura Alcorn at America Conservative 2 Conservative for the tip.

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  • This is not news about Jackson any more. In fact Jackson is known for his mistresses. In fact he has a few children by these mistresses. A fact that he pays child support for those children too.

    • findalis, no but it’s news about Tamara Holder – that’s why her name is first in the title.

  • Kathy

    FOX needs to get a clue and get rid of all these “contributors” from the left.

    • Kathy, my hubby and I talk about this all time. I remind him that Fox balances them far, far better than any other station, but when it comes to Marc Lamont Hill and there’s another pastor I can’t stand watching, can’t remember his name, it goes too far because they are credible. Tamara Holder is a joke. I think people like this just drive watchers to the shows and that’s what they’re looking for. I will say that when they show up on Hannity, he lets them talk but he gets his own facts in the conversation.

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  • Richard

    Barf bag is optional! Yuck!

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  • Leo

    No sympathy for this man. He always had the choice to quit his job, but he liked the $$$$ evidently, and part of his job was cleaning up after JJ, and he continued to do his job. Now that he is no longer in JJ’s employ, he wants to sue JJ for more money……… Get a life……….. by the way I am NOT a fan of JJ.

    • Leo, I agree with you about the man who was fired. I believe employers should be able to hire and fire whom they want to hire and fire and I believe discrimination should have nothing to do with how an employer wants as employees. This post is about Tamara Holder. JJ has already disgraced himself over and over, while calling himself a Christian minister. Tamara Holder is, as I said in the article, and in my opinion, a ditsy analyst who makes her arguments by being inflammatory rather than truthful. I like “inflammatory” when it’s truthful. It seldom is with her.