Susan Rice: National Security Liar to Advise Lying President on National Security

Susan Rice

Susan Rice

A union made in Alinsky heaven: a President who wants to deny terrorism exists, appoints as his National Security Advisor Susan Rice, a woman who has recently and infamously �lied FOR HIM about TERRORISM and OUR NATIONAL SECURITY, in front of the entire nation, concerning the death of Chris Stevens, U.S. Ambassador to Libya. As Breitbart points out, Rice exits her US Ambassador to the UN position to replace National Security leaker, Tom Donilon. Supporting African despots, and protecting terrorists provided job security for Susan Rice. That’s how it works in this administration.

Rice, who Obama nominated for Secretary of State, withdrew her nomination after it became clear she would face stern questioning about Benghazi. National Security Advisor does not require Congressional confirmation.

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Linked at Grumpy Opinions who tells us NSA Syping EXCLUDES Islamic Mosques

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  • Susan, Hillary and Samantha are the trio from hell. Lord, help us.

  • You have to wonder at this point if the republic can survive given the Alinsky push of the Obama administration. What keeps me optimistic is that our nation has suffered the scourge of anti-American agendas before. In times past we have risen above the threats of those who would undo America and brought about sane resolutions. Now I only wonder if we can make it to 2014 with the few who are interested in saving America? The ‘House’ has some conservatives willing to sustain America but they are threatened by the liberals and RINOs in the Senate willing to cave to Obama’s agenda. A good example is the idea that the Senate does not have the votes for Rubio’s shamnesty. If we survie this treat we may be able to get the whole thing done.

  • This is all of a piece with everything else we are seeing. It is an arrogance of power not seen outside of dictatorships run by megalomaniacs. His choosing her is a middle finger to half of America. So, you won’t do what he wants? Fine, he’ll take care of it without you. And of course in this case he has the power to do it, but not the judgment to pass up the chance to show how powerful he is. We are truly sunk if we don’t find a few leaders; I know we do have a handful of good ones and even fiery ones, but we need a unifier.

  • The only two conclusions you can honestly draw about Susan Rice is that either she lied or was duped into spreading falsehoods multiple times, as part of an administration cover up. Neither is a desirable quality in a national security advisor.

  • Obama Is doubling down now. He has nothing to lose anymore. I believe he is starting to realize it is highly unlikely that he can gain full control again of the both houses. Many of us have long believed that this would be the time he would become most dangerous with nothing to lose. His appointments today of Rice and Power was the great reveal. Its off to war in Syria we go. His latest shiny object he gives us.

  • Integrity has not exactly been the hallmark of the Obama administration, has it?

  • Maggie … I’m proud of you. You are one of the few who isn’t afraid to use the proper and true word for Obama and his minions … “LIAR.”

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  • Susan Rice should fit right in with the crowd we now have in the White House.

  • Xavier

    Now Barry can invoke Executive Privilege to keep her from testifying. These people may be evil but they aren’t stupid.

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