Sunday Worship Music: Help Me God – Kathy Troccoli

I first heard of Kathy Troccoli at a Women of Faith (WOF) weekend in Oklahoma City several years ago. At that time, she was a fairly regular speaker at WOF conferences but I no longer see her listed on the speakers roster. She is a wonderful speaker, very open about her life. I loved her voice, deep and sweet. When she sings I get the feeling the audience falls away and she is having a conversation with her Lord and Savior. My favorite song by Kathy is You Are Awesome in This Place, but I haven’t found a video to share with you. The following is Help Me God, a live performance (there’s an ad but you can skip it right away – just ignore the loud first couple of seconds – it’s worth it). Enjoy.

Kathy Troccoli

Kathy Troccoli

Most Christians, if not all, have given some serious thought to Judas Iscariot, the betrayer of Jesus, all for 30 pieces of silver – or perhaps for a reason you haven’t thought of. Jesus knew what Judas would do and made him one of the twelve disciples nevertheless. Judas had a ministry. Think of that. There must be a lesson to be learned here, other than betrayal of someone close to you, let alone the Son of God, will change your life forever if you fail to do the right thing. as Judas failed to do. What is the lesson for you and for me and might Judas have a role to play in end times?

Carl Middleton

Carl Middleton

Carl Middleton, my favorite Christian blogger, and one of the finest Bible teachers I’ve encountered, has some thoughts about Judas Iscariot that may raise your eyebrows or make the hairs on your arm stand at attention. I have to admit, I didn’t envision Judas anywhere in the future.  Carl says he is ‘speculating,’ but Carl always uses scriptures to support what he has so carefully thought-out. All of his weekly posts are thought provoking but this is one of the most intriguing. Read it all here, at GOD’S ANSWER is Always Jesus. Here’s a snippet:

From Adam to Moses … when you died, you stayed dead.  I remind you once again, this is onlyspeculation and personal opinion … but the scriptures I am going to present … alludes to that opinion.

God raised Moses physically from the dead and brought him back to be one of the two witnesses in Revelation 11:3-12; the other being Elijah … both of whom were with Jesus and witnessed His transfiguration in Matthew 17:2-3, Mark 9:2-4, as well as here in Luke 9:28-31 … (edited)

Read Is There a Better Candidate here.

Kathy Troccoli, Help Me God (video)
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  • I have learned about her. She is a very skilled speaker. Now a days many women are becoming good speakers.

    By the way,thanks for the post.

    • Alejandro, so glad you enjoyed the music and thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  • Maggie … Why not. Why wouldn’t you know that I used to listen to this song by Kathy Troccoli years ago in some of my darkest hours. Hearing her sing this song once again reminded me of the healing power of Jesus to my soul. All we need to do is cry out … help me Lord … and He does. And He is all we have, and that’s enough.

    Ah, Maggie … you know what my heart needs. Thank you, my dear sister in Jesus.

    • Carl, so very glad that this song meant something special to you – as your posts are always special to me. Hope you didn’t mind me using your pic. If you do, just let me know.

  • Devon M. Dougall

    Great post; loved the song and the Judas as anti-Christ speculation. Very thought provoking!

    • Devon, thank you. I too loved the song and it was one I wasn’t that familiar with and had not heard her sing. I was really happy that I found a live performance. Usually with spiritual music, it is seldom a real performance. Yes, Carl’s post was one to ponder. He has some very special insight. Each and every word stands out to Carl, he misses nothing which makes his columns so worthy of attention. I really appreciate your coming by and commenting.

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