Sarah Palin: Faith and Freedom Conference 2013 – Allah, Fertility, the ‘Least Untruthful Statements’ – Partial Transcript

By now you’ve likely heard that Sarah Palin is returning to Fox News as an analyst. Her first appearance will be on Fox and Friends on Monday morning. Below are some of the notable remarks from Sarah at the Faith and Freedom Conference, along with the video.

● Sarah suggests that Congress go on “Cruz Control” [Senator Ted Cruz Control].

● On current Leftist terminology and surreal 1984 Orwellianism:

…terms like ‘leading from behind,’  means following, and testifying before Congress saying they ‘used the least untruthful statements.’ Where I come from, that means a lie. Officials lied and Government spied. In Benghazi, Government lied and Americans died.

● Comments on Saturday Night Live (SNL) at 5:15-in. Notice that she uses Seth Meyers News Desk “really” query several times.

● On NSA’s built-in spying apparatus:

…oopsy-daisy, it missed the Ft. Hood mass murder of our own troops, despite this Islamic terrorist [Nidal Hasan] declaring his ideology in numerous counseling sessions and on his own business card. No red flags there.

● On ObamaCare and the IRS losing their own receipts at 6:35-in.

● On how to identify protesters:

Easy to spot them in the parking lot in their  itty-bitty little purple Volts. What gives them away is that “re-elect Obama bumper sticker. That bumper sticker might as well say: “yeah, I’m still dense.” Really, I’ve rolled my truck window down as I’ve pulled up next to these guys and said “really”…wanting to know why they support failed policies. One reply I got before the 2012 race – one said, “well, I’m not a racist so I voted for him to prove it,” and I replied “nor am I a racist, and hey buddy, next time vote for someone else to prove you’re not a knucklehead.

● In intervening in Syria:

For instance militarily, we are talking now, more new interventions. I say, until we know what we’re doing, until we have a commander-in-chief who knows what he is doing – well, chiefs in these Islamic countries aren’t even respecting basic human rights, with both sides slaughtering each other as they scream over an arbitrary red line, saying allah akhbar, I say until we have someone who knows what they’re doing… let Allah sort it out!” (watch the video snippet here).

● On investigating the scandals:

Bureaucrats investigating one another? Did you know the FBI is investigating the IRS harassment of the Tea Party Conservative scandal right now, but they haven’t contacted one Tea Party yet? And the FBI Director…he just admitted he doesn’t even know who’s leading that IRS investigation. Well, nothing to see here. Move along, move along little people…

IRS lawyers who are in charge of some of this stuff, they donated to Obama over Republicans 20 to 1. Folks of the IRS lawyers, who made political contributions – 95% of them donated to Obama, and that’s nothings…at U.N., and at the Education Department and the National Labor Relations Board, 100% of their attorneys donated to Obama, so says the Pepperdine Law School study.

Folks, we can’t kid ourselves that we can stop at just that [investigations], because we will never restore the trust of the American people just by pointing out how little they can trust the other side.

Let’s not kid ourselves in believing we can rebuild our majority by passing a pandering, rewarding the rule-breakers – still no border security, special interest amnesty bill.

● On Jeb Bush’s latest comment on the stellar fertility of foreigners:

It’s dangerous, touchy territory to debate this over one race’s fertility rate, and I say this as one whose kind of fertile herself. I don’t think that’s where we want to go in deciding how we will incentify the hard-working families who want to be in the line, follow the law and become American citizen, versus those whose very first act on American soil is to break the law…

We also will never rebuild our majority by silently acquiescing to a Totalitarian Surveillance State, which is what we are becoming, if we just let them tell us to sit down and shut-up…We have nothing to gain by just loudly condemning the tactics of the Left while we retreat and quietly adopt their philosophy – because we are a free-born people and the day that we forget that, the day that we stop worrying about the tyranny lurking around every corner, which – Barack Obama just told a group of graduates recently that they should ignore and forget about – no, that’s the day we lose our freedom. That’s the day we stop being citizens and we become subjects. As our Founders, and our sacrificial Veterans roll over in their sacred graves – too many today forgetting the words that they spoke. The words that we must be willing to say today. Their words that launched the Revolution – remember what Patrick Henry said: he said, “I know not what course others may take but as for me, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.” We must be willing to say that today.

In hundreds of towns across America, from Watumka to Wasilla, so many Americans are fighting the good fight…and they are the rock upon which that we will build this new majority, and they are the voice that can reach millions of other Patriots of all race, color and creed who also value the dignity and opportunity of freedom.

They are the brave. They having kept the faith with everything we love about this land of the free, and we will have no hope of reclaiming our country, and we will deserve it even less, if we fail to keep faith with them. That is the message our political leaders, especially those leaders in the GOP need to understand: you do not marginalize, you don’t discredit and dismiss everyday, average hard-working Americans – those who are part of that grassroots Tea Party movement, who want to affect a positive change, because too often, leaders, you’re not doing it. We can’t count on our politicians in Washington, D.C. to do this for us…

You don’t just accept the good-ole boys trying to shove things down in your own home town either, that aren’t part of a liberty-loving populace that is here running their businesses, raising their families, assuming that everybody understands what our Constitution says – assuming that, of course, it’s in our heart and soul that we will follow our Constitution, that we erode our Constitution – start on the local level effecting that change as you work on these higher levels of politicos who happen to be in charge of our Country. Start off on that local level, or do both – local and national, okay? Cause time’s a-wasting…

We will fail to reclaim our Country if we do not keep faith with those Americans.

● Referring to the Obama campaign promise to “fundamentally transform America:”

They [Patriots] are out there refusing to fundamentally transform America. Instead, they shall, we must, we will, fundamentally restore America.

● Sarah closes with a plea to spiritually rededicate our Country to the “one true heavenly Father” who has blessed us, shown us mercy and will offer us Divine Inspiration if we ask.

Sarah Palin at Faith & Freedom Conference 2013 (video)

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