Rubio to Leave Gang of 8? Too Late – We Know He Supported Freezing 11M in Place Before Border Security

Senator Marco Rubio is thinking of backing out the Gang of Eight Immigration negotiations/legislation. Too bad, too late. We already know that he fully backed “freezing” 11 million illegals “in place” before border security was enforced. How do you back away from that depressing position from a Senator we thought to be a true conservative? Answer: You don’t.

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio

Breitbart News is reporting that a high-ranking senate aide told them that Rubio is looking for an escape hatch from the Gang of Eight immigration bill, and looking to use other Republican members of the Senate as their parachute to get out. Some of these other friends and fellow Senators are Ted Cruz, Jeff Sessions, and Mike Se Habla Espanol Lee, who have all beenextremely critical of Rubio’s bill.

When asked if he would pull out of the bill if it veered to the left, Rubio stated that it wasn’t about pulling out, but about getting a bill put together that would be supported. Source: The Shark Tank

The Senate legislation could not have been more left at the time Rubio was supporting it in a very public manner, but now he believes it might “compromise” his “principles.” Maybe he just doesn’t want to be associated with failed legislation, a bill he admits will have trouble passing in the Senate. From the beginning, a naive Rubio was ‘had’ by the very powerful Senator Chuck Schumer. Too bad – Too Late.

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Linked at DailyPundit – thank you!

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  • There’s another RINO for the herd.

  • Not to worry. Jeb Bush wants to be the next GOP candidate for president. 🙁

    • Jim at Asylum Watch, I said I would never support McCain and I had to. I said I would never support Romney and I had to. If Jeb is our candidate I will support him but I will loathe doing so. I’m not sure he can get the nomination but I’ve learned to never underestimate Karl Rove:-(

  • One more Rino down. Great to know now.

    • Bunkerville, I read at Shark Tank some time ago that Rubio consistently shot down bad immigration legislation when in the Florida legislature – 6 times in fact. So what happened here? Two possible answers: 1) he knew he couldn’t make it to Washington, DC supporting what he’s doing now, so he waited and is not doing what he wants to do, or 2) he fell under the spell of snake charmers Schumer, McCain and Graham.

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  • MekTek

    Reagan once said something like, “somebody who agrees with you 80% of the time is an 80% friend, not a 20% enemy.” Rubio is more like a 90% friend, he’s just dead-wrong about immigration.

    • MekTek, this is not Reagan’s Congress. I’ll stand by my comment that a true conservative COULD NOT have supported “freezing” first over border “security” first. I believe Rubio may have misrepresented himself for years and I believe he is too close to the immigration issue to be on the front line – which must be a hard line.

      He picked the wrong issue to be dead-wrong on.

  • Kauf Buch

    Rubio claiming *NOW* that he cant support itlike he always saidis a sweet – and coincidentally convenient – claim to principle.

    Four words, Marco: OP. POR. TUN. ISM.

    These things *happen* when you sell out your principles.

    Oh yes, Marco, a last question: How does it feel to be thrown away as an expendable prop of the Left?

    • Kauf Buch, I believe he fell under the Schumer-McCain-Graham spell. Many have.

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  • Yos

    Hey Maggie, such a waste. What Rubio wasn’t selling were other unacceptable items in the legislation that had nothing to do with illegals… such as the biometric data gathering of all citizens, the cost, and the creation of new bureaucracies.

    There are better, cheaper solutions: Taxing wire transfers South, enforcing existing employment Verify laws and denials of services.

    This pooch has jumped up and bit him irredeemably. I hope he’s smarting.