Quabbin 7: Quabbin Reservoir – When’s the Court Date? Locks Cut to Boston Water Supply

On May 14th seven chemical engineers from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Singapore we caught trespassing – about midnight – at the Quabbin Reservoir which provides public water to the Boston area. According to officials, the only crime committed by the five men and two women, the Quabbin 7, was trespassing (at midnight) in a restricted area. The group, all said to be in the U.S. legally, reside in five different cities. They were allowed to go free and will be “summoned” for a court date. Today there is news that three padlocks were cut at different points of entry, about one-half mile apart, and referred to as three “hatches” at the Hultman Aqueduct which supplies drinking water to the greater Boston area. A fourth lock was tampered with. I find no news sources talking about a court date for the Quabbin 7. Very odd. If you’ve seen evidence of a court date or appearance, let me know. They should have been before a judge by now.

Quabbin Reservoir, Hultman Aqueduct

Quabbin Reservoir, Hultman Aqueduct

After both incidents, the seven trespassers and finding the locks cuts, water supplies were checked for safety and the public was assured their water is safe. Who are these Arab Chemical Engineers and have they been to court? Will they ever be summoned? If they are summoned, will they show up? Read more at Atlas Shrugs.




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  • If they had the words “TEA Party” in their group name they would of been caught three years ago.

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