Oklahoma’s Long Road to Ensuring Against Sharia Signed by Female Governor – CAIR Hates It!

Oklahoma’s November 2010 law to ban State judges from considering foreign laws passed with 70 percent approval. The new Constitutional Amendment specifically pointed to Sharia Law. Within days, Oklahoma Judge, and Bill Clinton appointee, Vicki Miles-LaGrange put a temporary injunction on the law. Oklahoma’s Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) protested and filed a lawsuit  – again within days – claiming the law was a violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, and a federal judge agreed, while also saying there was no need for the law. The law was blocked. In March 2011, Oklahoma State Representative, Sally Kern (R) introduced House Bill 1552 which sought to correct the problem by banning the use of all foreign law in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Senate refused to consider Rep. Kern’s HB1552 and it died at the end of the session. In 2012 Kern came back with HB 1060 which “contains language that is more general and therefore should be accepted by the courts.” The bill passed and was signed by Governor Mary Fallin on April 22, 2013. CAIR is considering an appeal and is working with the Oklahoma Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU):

Mary Fallin

Mary Fallin

Sally Kern

Sally Kern

Fallin’s communications director, Alex Weintz, said the governor signed the measure as a “reaffirmation of the principle that the laws we recognize in Oklahoma are the laws of Oklahoma and the laws of the United States, not foreign laws.” Source: Bare Naked Islam

Christian Post:

“The bill is not biased against any particular group of people. It only deals with protecting our Constitutional rights when any foreign law would be used in an American court to deny any American of their Constitutional rights,” said Kern.

The law exempts businesses which are free to adhere to international laws in the course of doing business.

Ali Khan, law professor at Washburn University:

“Right now Islam is expanding in the United States,” he says. “Now suppose that Muslims become a majority in a particular state; I think then the state laws would reflect Islamic law.”

Khan notes that the heavily Muslim city of Dearborn, Mich., passed an ordinance that allows the call to prayer to be broadcast over loudspeakers. Khan believes that the rapid growth of American Islam means that more towns will enact laws friendly to the religion — such as banning alcohol or gambling. Of course, Christians have already done that in some cases by creating dry counties or passing blue laws that prohibit shopping on Sunday.

Professor Ali Khan sees a future for Islamic law in Dearbornistan, Michigan and doubtless from sea to shining sea. God help the students he has access to.

Oklahomans were taunted by claims that Muslims are not trying to implement Sharia in the State (you know how red-necked we are)…that anyone knows of. We didn’t know the World Trade Towers would come down either. We didn’t know American banks would participate in Sharia Compliant financing to Muslims, and being Sharia Compliant means the bank, after acquiring a Sharia Compliant loan must pay back a portion (usually 2% but can be as high as 6%) of all profits realized from businesses Islam considers unsavory. The “donation” is made to an Islamic charity – some found to be supporters of jihad (all probably but how would we know?). According to ACT! for America, agreeing to Sharia Compliant Finance (SCF) also obligates the bank/finance company to Sharia Law, but we don’t talk about that. We don’t think about that.

Poignant: A Government Religion, with laws deeming women half the worth of a man is included in all foreign/international laws banned in a state with a female Governor. It’s good thing.

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