No New Border Agents Until 2017-2021 – Overstay Visa in Future Get Your Green Card Anyway – Charge Legals More for Visas – Charge Amnesty Applicants Less

What do Senators Bob Corker (R-TN) and John Hoeven (R-ND) think they have to gain by misrepresenting the so-called immigration bill? Corker enthusiastically announced a “surge” of agents going to the border under new amendments. Twenty-thousand additional border patrol agents, 700 miles of fencing, an E-Verify system for alien workers – all in place before an alien receives a green card – but not before the border is secure, not before illegals receive many of the benefits of the bill. Senator Jeff Sessions says special interest groups wrote the amendments and designed flaws into them, purposefully, and he thinks many in Congress do not know the truth of this legislation. Hiring for the “surge” of border patrol agents doesn’t start until sometime in 2017 (if ever). The Department of Homeland Security has until 2021 to reach the increased numbers.

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Click the Graphic to Sign Senator Ted Cruz’ Petition


Take a look at this, courtesy of Breitbart, from Session’s press release:

  • The Schumer-Corker-Hoeven amendment doesn’t change the bill’s amnesty first framework. Instead it goes even further and creates an automatic amnesty for future illegal aliens. Section 2302 says if you overstay your visa in the future you can still apply for a green card and become a citizen. It is permanent lawlessness. Joined with existing language that restricts future enforcement, it guarantees unending illegal immigration.
  • Contrary to their rhetoric there is no border surge. The Secretary [of Homeland Security] doesn’t even have to start hiring new border patrol agents until 2017, and the amendment only gives her until 2021 to increase the number by 20,000. According to the National Association of Former Border Patrol Agents, this hiring process could take up to 20 years. Much like the 2006 law requiring a 700-mile border fence, it’s never going to happen.
  • To raise money, the amendment increases fees on visas for legal immigrants, but keeps the same low fees and fines for those applying for amnesty – favoring illegal over legal immigrants. Under the 2007 comprehensive immigration bill, amnesty applicants had to pay up to $8,000 – vastly more than the fines in the current plan which total only $2,000 and are subject to numerous waivers. The Gang has repeatedly claimed their bill is completely paid for by fees. However, under the Schumer-Corker-Hoeven amendment, the American taxpayers are on the hook for $38 billion.

I have copied the three bulleted items above to the Facebook wall of each of the following. I plan to put it everywhere productive on Facebook, on the pages of as many Senators as I can find. I will also tweet this link to as many as time allows. The vote is planned for Monday June 24, so Senators have little time to look at the bill and they probably need an attorney by their side to decode it, if even he/she is capable, and free of special interests themselves. It’s the weekend. Phone calls won’t do much good until Monday morning. In the meantime, fax, tweet, go to your Senator’s Facebook page, and all Senators you can find there, and leave some facts for them, let them know you know the truth.

Find phone and fax information for the entire U.S. Senate here.


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Thanks to PumaByDesign001’s Blog – read here story including who says the bill still allows future illegal immigration.