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Readers, my current subscriber newsletter for posts does not clearly indicate quotations, so it can be confusing – are the words mine or the words of someone else? I have found a new newsletter option. I hope you will re-subscribe, by clicking the “Read More” link below. A box asking for your email address will appear. Enter your email, click subscribe, and it’s done.�I cannot import current subscribers.

If the box asking for your email does not appear, please come to the website, Maggie’s Notebook, and enter your email address in the right-hand sidebar, second from the top. As always, there will never be spam or ads. I thank each and everyone of you who have been receiving my posts by email for a very long time, or just for awhile, including today’s new subscribers. I think you will like the new setup. Please accept my apologies for the bother.

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  • I let my subscription run out, because you were always throwing your blog into the bushes! Heh.

    • Proof, you remember that? I’m still paying for it today.