Military Men Raped: 13,900 – Military Women Raped: 12,100 – Military Sexual Trauma

Put another way, 38 men per day are raped in the military with 33 military women raped daily. Yes, the percentage of military women raped is larger as there are many more men serving – irrelevant. We don’t hear about the men, just the women. If this information is true (it comes from the Pentagon), why aren’t we hearing about it, because we’re hearing plenty about the women. If your rapist is a superior, it makes it close to impossible for a Soldier, Sailor or Marine to resist. Knocking the shizzey out of your superior officer will land you in prison.  There’s also that manly problem of being “viewed in a weaker light,” by your peers. There is no time that rape is not rape unless the rape is a lie.

Male-on-Male Rape in the Military

Male-on-Male Rape in the Military

For what reason is a rape response “gender-responsive” other than providing a woman raped by a man with a pill to prevent pregnancy?

All sexual assault response coordinators within the military are instructed to provide “gender-responsive, culturally competent and recovery-oriented” resources, said Cynthia O. Smith, a Pentagon spokeswoman.

“Based on that guidance, each of the services customizes its training and implementation specific to their service,” Smith said. DOD offers a 24/7 “safe helpline” providing anonymous victim support, and its staffers “have been trained to assist male victims.”

Still, the Defense Department acknowledges it must do more to help male victims. Source: US News

We’ve long known that a large majority of women do not report rape, particularly since they generally know their rapist. According to the Pentagon, male victims of rape report at “much lower rates” than females.

I doubt military men have much of a chance for justice after rape by a superior officer, or rape by peers who were violent before enlisting, or peers who think it fun to shove a bottle or broom handle where it doesn’t belong. Better to stay quiet and not disturb camp life. When you’ve gone through hell, you just have to keep going.

Air Force Lt. Col. Jeff Krusinski was arrested for groping a woman in very inappropriate places – just a woman in a parking lot in Arlington, Virginia. She wasn’t military. She fought him off, left his face a mess and somehow got to the police. He was arrested. Krusinski is the lead official in charge of the Air Force “sexual-assault prevention program.” He has been relieved of, at least, that responsibility.

Are male-on-male rapists in the so-called “tough guy culture” of the military gay? Wouldn’t you think so? Gay men responsible for the majority of rapes? Don’t ask. Certainly don’t tell. Asking and telling is discriminatory and against the law. Better stay quiet about it while this Commander-in-Chief is in charge.

What happened to honor? When you’re shoved to the floor in the shower, others have to know, have to hear, maybe see. What happened to honor? Would you risk your career to stand by a fellow soldier who endured the unthinkable? Daniel Greenfield at FrontPage Magazine has more.

  • I heard rumors years ago that military life was risky for women. Just an act as simple as walking across a military parking lot could end up in rape. Unacceptable.

    • Opus, this whole thing of women in the Military – sleeping in the same barracks, showering – just asking for trouble. I’m not saying there’s not a productive place for women, but really, are nighties banned?

  • I spent over 25 years in the military and never heard of a man being raped. I also never heard of a female being raped on an instillation I was stationed at. It just seems to me that the more PC and sensitive the military gets, the worse it gets for women and apparently some men

    • BobF, as dear as the Military is to me, perhaps today’s Military isn’t the Military of a few years years ago, as leaders are the leaders-of-quality of years gone by. If they were, they would have stood up and refused the PC nonsense. Nidal Hassan would have been on his butt and out of the Army in a heartbeat.

  • Patrick Don

    As a nation and as a people we are without morals; our culture is at the nadir of depravity. How sad, considering that but a few decades ago we were recognized as an example for the remainder of the world!

    • Patrick Don, this is what happens when you have a President who idolizes Lil Wayne and congratulates the first Gay NBA star who outs, and ignores Tim Tebow.

  • When I was in the Air Force 30 years ago rape of men was unheard of and rape of a woman was very rare. Sexual Harassment was not a problem. It was acceptable to complement a woman without being harassing.

    Now if you look at a woman wrong it is considered Sexual Harassment. And the minute we allowed gays into the military I knew the incidences of rape among men would skyrocket. I’m waiting for the day when one of these rapists are beaten to death by the wrong man.

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