May the Coolest SOB in the Conservative Blogosphere Win – 2nd Annual Contest

It’s June 2013 and that means BC at I’m a Man, I’m 41 is tallying votes for the “Coolest SOB in the Conservative Blogosphere” for the second annual contest. I was nominated last year, and this yea, and proudly display my “Coolest SOB” nomination from 2012 in my left sidebar. You can vote one time for every nominee, or you can pick a few that you really like. I hope you will participate in this spirited event.

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BC says he started the contest because of Andrew Breitbart. After sending a tip directly to Andrew, he received an answer from him, a man so many of us admired, loved, and cheered on before his untimely death from a heart attack. At the time, BC remembers thinking that Andrew was one “Cool SOB” for responding to a blogger who was not considered a blogging giant.

Announcing the first annual contest, BC wrote this:

He is not the only blogger out there that excels in: all around coolness, class, common courtesy, etiquette, selflessness, and genuine respect for the efforts of other conservative bloggers no matter how minimum.

So in honor of him and other classy SOBS like him, I am kicking off the first annual Coolest SOB In The Conservative Blogoshpere award.

Big Fur Hat at I Own the World was the 2012 winner. I hope you will go here and vote, and keep voting for everyone you feel worthy (and sure, I would L??VE to have your vote). Pass the word around to your friends. CORRECTION: Voting ends Saturday, June 8th at midnight, but you can do it all in one visit by reloading the page each time you vote.

Visit The Coolest SOB in The Conservative Blogosphere here.

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Visit The Coolest SOB in The Conservative Blogosphere here.

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  • You have my vote, Maggie.

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  • You have my vote Maggie. Good Luck!

  • Got my vote dear. Go for it!

  • Larry, findalis and Teresa – thank you so much!

  • I voted for you.

    • Steve, thank you so much. I voted for you too! So many worthy nominees and BC has worked very hard on getting it all put together.

      • Thank you Maggie! Yes he has worked hard on that and regardless of who wins there are some of the “coolest S.O.B.s” listed. I’m just thrilled little Cry and Howl is a part of it.