Losing the Coolest SOB in the Conservative Blogosphere Brings The 2013 Paul Revere Award

While I was having fun with visiting family, BC at I’m a Man, I’m 41 announced the winner of the 2013 Coolest SOB in the Conservative Blogosphere. Lots of votes were cast, and I was proud to be nominated (link to winners below). Also during that time, Curmudgeon at Political Clown Parade created the First Annual 2013 Paul Revere Award to bring notice to some of the bloggers she knows who were not winners. Maggie’s Notebook was one of them. I am proud and appreciative and it was nice to come back to work and find the notice in my inbox.

First Annual Paul Revere Award from Political Clown Parade

First Annual Paul Revere Award from Political Clown Parade

Other Recipients

Curmudgeon writes:

I chose Paul Revere as the icon for the award because he was an American patriot who’s legendary “Midnight Ride” to warn the colonists of Massachusetts before the historic battles at Lexington and Concord played a vital role in America’s struggle to gain independence from Britain.
Paul Revere was not born to wealth—he was an ordinary man who lived an extraordinary life. Revere was a patriot, a businessman, an involved citizen, and a popular and well-respected member of his community.
An obituary in the Boston Intelligence commented, “Seldom has the tomb closed upon a life so honorable and useful.”
These bloggers are but a few of the brave and resolute men and women who hold down jobs and raise their families while standing guard over liberty. They don’t have big advertising on their sites nor do they have a bevy of contributing writers.  They pore over information and bring their opinions to their readers in order to inform and warn.
They have the keen zest of the citizen whose patriotism is of the lusty type that causes them to take an active part in politics.  They add humor and common sense.  They deserve to be recognized.
Note that Curmudgeon could have been talking about her own blog which does all of the above. She is also a Master of Photoshop and often provides bloggers with some of the finest graphics in the blogosphere – graphics that tell a story with just a quick glance – sometimes making your heart beat rapidly, sometimes bringing tears of sadness, other times tears of joy or full-out belly laughs.
I encourage you to visit each link. Gosh, there’s good stuff at each site. You won’t regret the time.
The 2013 Coolest SOB in the Conservative Blogosphere is Joe Dan at Intellectual Froglegs – deserving to say the least, not to mention hilarious. You’ll want to know about the runners-up too, so see the complete list here – and thanks to BC for hosting the contest. He finds some unusual news, but always important to know about, particularly if your child attends Lincoln Catholic High School (something about pasties and a crucifix). It might be your child’s school next.
I am honored and humbled  by Curmudgeon’s words and inspired to get back to work. I’ve been away more than usual, but also have been fortunate to do more traveling than usual over the last year – and now back and ready to roll.

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  • BC

    Thanks for this Maggie…

    Some hard feelings are the only thing bad about the SOB contest… I guess they are inevitable.

    I do, do my best to get out the word and to make it fair. I kept the nomination process open for 11 months. I do not nominate people myself, and I even invented a handicap to give smaller blogs a shot…

    Also I enter the blog’s name as the person who nominated writes it in – I don’t know the name of every blog and blogger in the world. So it there is a mistake, that is where it lays.

    But no matter what pains you go through someone is not going to be pleased

    • BC, you did such a great job and it’s a fun contest with no bias. The winners this year are very popular, and all qualify as a very “cool SOB,” have a large following and worked to spread the word. Nothing wrong with that. The contest will grow as you go along. When you announce nominations the next time, I’ll put a link in my sidebar and leave it there until voting closes.

      • Maggie,

        Congratulations to you for your fabulous website. You deserve the award. I appreciate all the nice things you said in your post.

        I hope BC will consider some of the suggestions I made in my reply to him. And I, like you, will be more than happy to help him promote the 2014 contest.

        Take care. I hope all is well with you and your loved ones. Have a great week.

        • Curmudgeon, I think I’m right when I say that BC uses Alexa Rankings only to assign a handicap to make smaller blogs receive a fairer share of votes as we don’t have as many readers. I could be wrong about that. Maybe he’ll confirm.

          Again thanks for the honor and the kind words. Wishing you a wonderful summer.

    • BC,

      You can please some of the people some of the time, but no can never please all the people all of the time. Your contest was excellent. It brought awareness to some blogs that many may not have been aware of before you launched your contest.

      One way to correct the erroneous blog names next time out is to click on the links provided by those nominating a blog to make certain it’s correct. That will avoid hurt feelings.

      Dumping the ALEXA ratings will also help.

      Thanks for taking on such a big project. All the nominees appreciate what you did and I, for one, know all too well what a labor of love it must have been.

      Hope your Father’s Day was extra special this year.

  • Congrats! Well deserved!

    • Keith, thank you. I appreciate your stopping by and commenting.

  • Thank you ladies for allowing me to be me. I thoroughly enjoy being silly.

    BC … I was having fun at your place and I hope I didn’t give you any other impression.