Judge Napolitano: General Alexander Ignored “Ability” Refers to “Authority” Because…

Rumor has it that Judge Andrew Napolitano spewed his lunch all over the Fox Newsroom when General Keith Alexander answered a House Intelligence Committee question today regarding the National Security Agency (NSA) and their ‘ability’ to listen-in to our phone calls, all handily stored at Bumblehive, otherwise known as the Utah Data Center.

Utah Data Center (Bumblehive)

Utah Data Center (Bumblehive)

When asked whether the NSA has the ability to listen to phone calls or read emails under the surveillance program, he answered, “No, we do not have that authority.”

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto asked Napolitano why General Alexander dodged the question:

…because of course the NSA has the ability to listen in on phone calls and read emails, but the government wants the American people to trust them with that info.

If this is the same administration said “trust us” when they changed the Benghazi story, snooped on reporters, and targeted conservative groups, then why would people trust them, Napolitano asked.

“Let me tell you this: they get a phone number, a child can punch the phone number into a computer and find out whose it is and where they live,” the judge said. Holding up his cell phone, he added, “And then this becomes their listening device, even when it’s not on, as long as the battery’s in it, and they know that. Did they tell us that today? They did not.”

Remember whistleblower Edward Snowden said he could access phone calls, emails, texts, etc. There was nothing to stop him. He had the ability, but not the authority. Maybe he lied. Judge Napolitano didn’t – I’m fairly certain.

See the video here – there’s much more.