Jim Bridenstine on House Floor: Obama Dishonest Incompetent Vengeful – Lack of Moral Compass

U.S. Congressman Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) stepped onto the House Floor and in a one-minute speech laid out the corrupted record of Barack Obama and said what everyone who cares about liberty knows, Obama is dishonest, incompetent, vengeful and has a lack of moral compass. He ends with “his Vice President is equally unfit and more embarrassing.”  See that video below.

Jim Bridenstine

Jim Bridenstine

Bridenstine was sworn into his first term in office and minutes later walked to the House floor and voted against John Boehner for Speaker of the House. What we have seen from Rep. Bridenstine is why so many of us voted for him rather than our previous Representative, John Sullivan.

I agree that Biden is “embarrassing.” I don’t think he would have gone where Obama has gone had Biden served under a traditional Democrat, if there is such a thing now. He’s a buffoon who follows and loves the limelight. He had no chance of getting to the Oval Office without Obama, but had he ascended, I believe his fellow Senators would have led him in another way. I don’t believe Biden believes in half of what Obama is doing or would have thought of initiating Obama’s misdeeds on his own. He’s a simpleton who follows. “Unfit” and “embarrassing,” yes.

I’m predicting Rep. Bridenstine will take some heat for labeling Obama dishonest, incompetent, vengeful and immoral. I thank him for it. He has broad shoulders. These are contentious times. To stop the abuse, our elected must speak out, particularly about the powers given to the unelected by the elected.

Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine – One Minute Speech on House Floor (video)
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  • I wonder if Obama would be indicted for Impeachment now if Biden wasn’t the VP? After all who would like a President Biden?

    • Good thought findalis!

    • Joan affatato

      Thanks be to GOD…. Do not forget this wonder American in 2016……..

  • copper

    I think I’ll move to Oklahoma so I can vote for this guy!!

  • copper

    I think I’ll move to Oklahoma so I can vote for this guy!

    • Copper, 99% of our legislators on the national level are straight conservative. I feel fortunate. We seldom have reason to lobby unless it’s at the State level.

  • Lack of Moral Compass indeed!..how brave!

    • Angel, he is brave. Ex-mil, a pilot and runs drug missions for the Reserves (I think it’s the Reserves).

  • Listen up, GOP. That is how you deal with scum!

    • Jim, maybe he and Cruz can school a few of those weeny Republicans. It’s time to use the hard language when that language is truthful.

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  • Leave it to an Okie to state the truth.

    • LD, don’t you love that about this state?

  • deena dykes

    And he says all this with such class and restraint, not condescending or argumentative! He just states the truth in a straight forward All-American man kind of way! I’m with copper, I think I’ll move to Oklahoma, too!

    • deena dykes, I’m hoping you and copper will just come on to Tulsa, a beautiful city with low unemployment (by comparison), a good housing market and elected conservatives.

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  • steven sanborn

    i just hope this congressman has the guts to start the impeachment process. i call congressman trey gowdy’s office once a week to give my moral support to him. (from delaware). i don’t deal with de. politicians at all. i cannot believe people keep saying “oh, they won’t be able to get him”. that’s b.s. nixon thought they wouldn’t get him, also. hillary, bill, obama, pelosi, reid, and biden should go STRAIGHT TO JAIL. steve

    • steven sanborn, I don’t know if, as a Freshman, he can start the impeachment process but I believe he would certainly fully support it if leadership began to move on it. The Senate will convict him, but he still could be impeached.

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