Immigration English Requirement Laughable: Rubio Scrambles for Border Security – It’s the Visa Program, Stupid

According to current law, immigrants applying for permanent citizenship in the U.S. must prove that they can speak and write in English. The Gang of Eight’s immigration bill touted it’s requirement for learning English, as did Obama, but that requirement is laughable, and requires only proof that you are currently enrolled in a course. If you don’t finish the course, who would know once you are granted citizenship, and there is no present requirement until the process culminates. Now Rubio has noticed that this stinks to high-heaven and has introduced a bill to be “proficient” in English to be granted permanent residency. I’m looking for Rubio’s definition of “proficient.” In the meantime, Rubio has grabbed onto Senator John Cornyn’s (R-TX) lifeline, an amendment to have something akin to real border security. Senator John McCain is miffed.

Homeland Security's Secure Border

Homeland Security’s Secure Border

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) is supports a plan to deal with the 11 Million (come on, we know it’s more like 20 Million) illegals in the U.S. and he doesn’t like the Gang of Eight’s proposal – says it is not a bill to “fix or immigration system,” and we should not proceed with it.

We are being presented with a choice between the Gang bill, or nothing. Common sense, recent history, and the ongoing legislative process of the House of Representatives confirms that is a false choice. There is another way, a more sensible and successful way. We can do better than another thousand-page mistake. Haven’t we learned our lesson? Isn’t it time we tried?  Source: The Shark Tank

Mike Lee

Mike Lee

Rubio is busy, busy, busy doing damage control.

But what has irritated members in the Gang has been his explicit embrace of the border security amendment from Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas).

First, a Rubio aide claimed that the senator helped write the plan but later backtracked when Cornyn said they didn’t work on it together. Then, Rubio told Sean Hannity’s radio show last week that the Cornyn proposal “dramatically improves the bill” and is an “excellent place to start in terms of having that conversation.”

Last week, McCain confronted Rubio, frustrated that his partner in the Gang was helping to elevate a plan that would dramatically toughen border control, sources familiar with the matter reported. A McCain aide later downplayed the exchange as simply “spirited,” but the incident shows the difficult line Rubio is walking on immigration. Source: Politico

I’m not forgetting Rubio’s early promise that border security would come first, then that silly language that it was more important to “freeze 11 million illegals in place,” while others stream in. He’s in deep and we know it, and many of us will not forget it. Just think how positive legislation could be if we were racing to secure the border, fix the Visa Program and get on with whatever we will be forced to do…after.

What Rubio is crafting now is an alternative border security plan that would take the power away from the administration and place it into the hands of Congress. The proposal — which will detail precisely how the border should be secured before illegal immigrants can achieve green card status and citizenship — is expected to be supported and introduced by fence-sitting Republicans as soon as this week.

Whether Rubio demands adoption of his plan for his support of the overall bill — and if the Democrats oblige — could decide the future of immigration reform this year. Asked if he would vote for the bill without his soon-to-be-released plan, Rubio would say only, “I’m not going to get into these ultimatums. I’m here to work on a law, not just a bill. And for it to become a law, it’s going to need to be improved.” Source: Politico

About the astoundingly low fine required of illegals to gain citizenship:

As for the claim from President Obama that illegal immigrants would need to pay “a penalty,” Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) put that assertion in perspective on the Senate floor Friday morning in responding to an identical claim by Karl Rove. “Mr. Rove says they have to pay a $1,000 fine over 6 years,” Sessions said. “What is that–$170 dollars a year, $15, $12 a month? So this is the punishment?”

“You pay $12 a month worth of fines, which allows you not to have to go home even though you entered the country illegally, did not wait your turn, and you are guaranteed a path to citizenship,” he explained. “Then at the end you have to pay another $1,000 some 10, 13 years later. So this is the punishment in the legislation.” Source: Breitbart

Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions

Senator Jeff Sessions has been a hero for the American people on the issue of illegals. Let’s not forget it.

Common sense: fix the Visa Program and build the fence. First steps, always the most important steps unless they are steps in the wrong direction. Don’t tell me cannot fix the Visa Program with little problem compared to what we’re facing, and because we have allowed Visa’s to be a joke, we are in this miserable mess of millions of lawbreakers. It’s the Visa Program, stupid.

  • We have been had by the GOP. They are as liberal as the Democrats only with money. Rubio needs to be told in very plain language that if he runs for President he will lose.

  • Maggie, Ray Stevens has a good expanation of our Illegal immigrant situation.