Immigration: No Job Needed for Green Card – Border Agents Put Under Civil Rights Div of DOJ

Betsey McCaughey is a former State of New York Lieutenant, but she became known for her focus on ObamaCare and ringing the bell about its dangers. How the Left hated her for sharing what she knew and what she said she knew has turned out to be true. Now her focus is on the Senate immigration bill. Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife Ginni interviews McCaughey (I think it’s pronounced McCoy) for The Daily Caller. McCaughey says she is pro-immigration but this bill will weaken American security, create enormous new costs, costs born by the next generation, yet the Senators who wrote the bill have told us they don’t know how many new ‘immigrants’ will come in as a result – the height of irresponsibility.

Immigration Invasion

Immigration Invasion

Everything indented below is from McCaughey, but it is not word-for-word – but close, with some things I deemed unimportant eliminated. She at times gives the Provision or Section numbers of the bill. I didn’t take the time to listen closely enough to transcribe them, with one exception. If you see something in brackets [ ], you’re reading my comment. There’s not much of that.  The video is below, so you can watch it for yourself.

Please, if you read nothing else, do not miss Nos. 2, 4 and 6. Remember, I am putting the discussion in blockquotes but I have not always directly quoted her.

(1) This bill weakens our current laws for asylum-seekers or members of their families. Currently, if you sneak into the U.S. or come on a Visa or whatever, you have one year to ask for asylum. This bill waives the one-year deadline, so they have until “they get caught” to ask for asylum. Remember that the Brothers Tsarnaev (the Boston bombers) arrived in the U.S. and were granted asylum.

This bill creates a new level of appeals, so a asylum-seeker who is turned down gets to stay in the country longer on appeal.

This bill gives the Attorney General the discretion to pay the legal fees for asylum seekers.

(2) Dirty Tricks – this is a repeat of what was done in ObamaCare. This bill takes the critical job of guiding aliens through the amnesty process, screening them for eligibility, assembling their documents, their family documents and any waivers they may need – it outsources all of those jobs from Government to community organizations, and will be funded by the Federal Government – permanently [La Raza is dancing in the street somewhere].

Why would a job that is so critical to the United States be outsourced? Because when you outsource it, it eliminates public scrutiny, accountability, and standards of non-partisanship. Community organizers can say things that Government employees can’t say.

It is clear that the goal here is not simply to guide them through the amnesty and provisional immigration and then legal presence and then citizenship process, but really to make them Democratic voters at the same time. Now there is nothing wrong with encouraging people to vote, but an employee at the DMV, for example, can’t say, you ought to register as a Democrat. A community activist can say that, and you can count on them to say it.

(3) Another repeat of the ObamaCare law: it creates a non-profit foundation called the U.S. Citizenship Foundation. Why would it have to be created in this bill? Anyone is free to create a 501(3)(c). You don’t have to get Congress to do that, right? In the bill it says this foundation will work in coordination with the Federal Government. It will be run by 10 people from the ten nation-wide community organizations, you think La Raza – things like that. They will run it and their job is to create Citizen Preparation Programs, to teach aliens about American history and politics, and voting and the Constitution, but thank you very much, the Office of Citizenship within the Department of Homeland Security has always created those programs. They’ve done a fine job. They are non-partisan. They are subject to public scrutiny, and that’s where that job should remain, but it is outsourced to community organizations.

I am revolted by the cynicism with which this is done. A fifth-estate of Government but none of the rules that govern what Government does. These are the same organizations that are applying in the 50 states to be navigators under the ObamaCare law. Same groups. Another stream of money and permanent, powerful decision-making in every community. Elevating community organizers to the fifth estate of Government without any rules.

This was done once before by Lenin. When Lenin wanted to control that enormous country of Russia, with so many ethnic groups, so many different little communities, how did he do it? Instead of sending out Government officials, he provided funding streams to favored community organizations in each place, and then gave them a lot of favors and powers so they would control each community. That’s what Obama is doing. He’s using Community Health Councils of Los Angeles, and all these different groups and they will have the power now to mete out the Government benefits – health care, amnesty and when you read the websites of these various groups – housing, food stamps – they’re going to be doing it all. They’re going to be enrolling people, indoctrinating people. They will be governed by none of the standards of Government employees.

(4) This bill will double the number of legal immigrants coming into the U.S. over the next decade with a Green Card in their hand. Right now 484,000 people arrive in the United States with a Green Card. Why will it be doubled? Because of the Back of the Law Provision in this Bill. It’s a good provision. It says that the illegal aliens in the country have to wait to apply for their Green Card until this backlog of people who are waiting, patiently and legally waiting, get theirs – but the line is 19 years long.

And the bill says that the illegal immigrants can get theirs in 10 years, so that means you’ve got to double the pace which legal immigrants are admitted to the country, from about 484,000 a year to over a million a year.

The people who are coming into the country legally with Green Cards are already, under current law, entitled to substantial benefits. They are entitled to ObamaCare, not to be enrolled in Medicaid. No. They are entitled to a full subsidy, including help with deductibles and co-pays, to get private health care on the exchanges. About half of the people who come into the U.S. with Green Cards are below 138% of poverty. The people who are below 138% of poverty will be eligible for the full ride on the Obama Health Exchanges. That’s $9000 per person, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Doubling the number of immigrants over the next decade will add $100 BILLION to the cost of ObamaCare – never mind food stamps, housing and other things that people who come into the country legally are offered.

Yet, John McCain said: “the intent of this bill is not to add any additional cost to the taxpayers of America.” That’s untrue.

McCaughey says this will significantly impact our overcrowded schools [remember the translators needed for ObamaCare – thousands of them I think. Imagine what this will require before it’s over]

(4) Marco Rubio says the illegal immigrants who are granted provisional status, which will happen in the next year or so under this bill – they will be eligible for a Green Card in 10 years provided they are employed during that period. Self-supporting. He has promised us that none of the illegal aliens who are granted amnesty will have to have public support. If they can’t support themselves, they have to go home, but I actually read the bill, and here’s what it actually says:

“you have to be employed over the next 10 years to get your Green Card UNLESS you are in college, you’re in High School, you’re getting a GED, you’re taking care of a child or an older person in your household or…you’re unemployed, but you don’t think it’s your fault.

In other words, you have to be employed, except if you’re not.

What Rubio said is just not true.

(5) This will go to the heart of every fiscal conservative. I hope Steve Moore from the Wall Street Journal is watching. In numerous places, too many places to bother bookmarking, this bill claims that the provision at that part of the bill, is an emergency…therefore, exempt from the statutory Pay As You Go Law that governs what Congress does.

Immigration reform is not an emergency. All these provisions are not an emergency, but the weasels who wrote this bill called each one of them an emergency so no one would discuss what it’s going to cost, or where the money is coming from. That’s really bad lawmaking.

(6) This bill puts the Border Agents under the thumb of the Department of Civil Rights and the Department of Justice. Sections 1111, 1112 and 1113 go on and on about the way the Office of Civil Rights is going to train, oversee, inspect and scrutinize what the Border Agents are doing. I could barely breathe just thinking about it. They are talking about increasing border security. I don’t think Border Agents can do anything because there is so much attention to the rights of people who have snuck into the country.

I’ll give you an example. There’s a whole section in here about how they can’t remand people who have snuck across the border if it would be against the best interests of the border sneaker’s family or children.

It will destroy our two-party system. It is inconceivable that people can be stupid enough to let this happen – twice.

You remember what the Community Reinvestment Plan did to our economy – tanked it – totally responsible for the housing bubble. Think of what Democrats will want to do with the Community Reinvestment Plan and illegal aliens newly made legal.

We must demand that the Visa process be fixed. The bill calls for tracking all those leaving and re-entering the country, but we have not tracked those here on Visas – although there was nothing to keep us from doing so other than Government slackers, as we saw with the 9/11 attackers and not noticing that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was spending time in Dagestan. If our Visa process had been respected all these years, we wouldn’t be trying to negotiate the legalization of 12M (probably 20M) illegals. Fix the Visa process, secure the border. That’s the place to start. Thanks to Norm at Storm’n Norm’n for the video. Visit him here. 


Betsey McCaughey on Devastating Flaws in the Immigration Bill (video)
Linked at Doug Ross and Larwyn’s Linx in the Rubio helps kill the same border security amendment he claimed to support edition!


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  • Lenin didn’t give money to favored organizations; what Lenin did was create state organizations down to the apartment building level — who were the arms, the eyes and the ears of the State. Any independent organizations were eliminated. This is what Obama is trying to do with his illegal “Organizing for America” group. Obamacare with its still-unknown complex of rules and regulations and its mixing of politics with health-care is just one more way for the State to create its wholly-owned subsidiaries.

    • Norma, there’s never been a dictator that didn’t keep people in their pockets with favors and force, whether money or a better apartment. Obama is fond of handing out money. This is so appalling.

  • This is bad law created buy elitists who spit on the will of the people again to try and buy a few votes. And especially, SHAME on you Rubio! May Florida show you the door!

    • Woodsterman, I echo every word. We all need to ‘unlike’ his Facebook page, if appropriate. He has several pages. Leave messages for him. He is catching some real heat. We need to keep it up.

  • King_Putz

    I so admire intelligent women.

    • King_Putz, since I’m not talking about Sarah Palin in this article, I’ll decide how to take your words which I have decided are complimentary and very kind…or maybe you’re talking about Norma Brown and if so, you really got it right.

  • Yos

    Rubio delenda est, apparently. The guy is pouring gasoline on his own political self-imolation. I’m thinking: If he wants to be toast, fine, then let’s replace him with Allen West.

    • Yos, I think the elitists will continue to fund Rubio and wouldn’t give a minute of their time to Allen West. After all, they redistricted specifically so that he would not be re-elected. Some Republicans are viscious in protecting their turf. Allen West is a threat to them.

  • Richard

    We don’t NEED the new Immigration Reform Bill! Not at all. We don’t even NEED a guest worker program! Americans will gladly pay more for their produce if it means that can continue to maintain America as an English-speaking nation. Heck, the money we save on the welfare services we now give, free, to the illegal immigrants would off-set the higher prices for produce at the market! No, we don’t need either of those things.

    What we DO NEED is enforcement of the immigration laws we have on the books today!

    To secure the border we need a fence… a physical fence. Not some piss-ant virtual fence with sensors and cameras and fly-overs by unarmed drone aircraft. All that does is complicate the process. When the illegals cross over they still have to be hunted down and sent back. So, stop them from ever crossing that border with an honest to goodness double fence with a patrol road between the fences.

    Harsh? I don’t think so. But — when national security is at stake, harshness may be the way to go!

    Burrowed from J. D. Longstreet

    • Richard, I agree with J.D. and we must fix the Visa program which no one seems to see as a part of immigration law. I’m all for the physical fence and anyone who says it cannot be done is ridiculous.

  • What still don’t understand is what the ruling class thinks they gain by having America commit suicide.

    • Jim, my guess all along has been that the attraction to Marxism and beyond is powerful because the person behind becomes ALL powerful. That’s what I think is happening. Look at Obama and Holder. Holder has said he has not reached all of goals yet and will stay at the DOJ. This is their time and I think they are hell-bent to finish what they started, which will then be a new beginning for them. Just my guess.

      Congress is stupid. They think it’s about votes.

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  • As I mentioned earlier, this immigration bill will destroy our Constitution and when that goes all hell should break loose…that is if there are any Americans that notice.

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