Immigration Bill to Be Voted On Before Reading – Video: Republican Senators Should NOT Vote for Cloture

Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol (see the video below – snippets of transcript below). Kristol is skeptical of the immigration bill because:

Bill Kristol

Bill Kristol

“Is there anything Republicans stood for over the last 3-4 years, more vociferously than we will not pass 1200-page pieces of legislation introduced Friday night and we will not vote to invoke cloture Monday night…Republican Senators will have a problem explaining why they voted for cloture…1274 pages…

Chris Wallace breaks in and says:

“in fairness, this bill is simply the Gang of Eight bill and all they’ve done is add to it the Corker amendment, it’s not like it’s a whole new bill – it’s 200 pages…” (intimating that Senators have had time to read the bill, that it didn’t just appear on Friday)

to which Kristol says:

…it’s interlaced throughout the bill, it’s extremely complicated. For instance, you said it tightens all border security and the fence. The Department of Homeland Security can waive almost all of that, it turns out. It’s her discretion [Janet Napolitano], if she thinks it’s not necessary for security…Republicans can say, can we at least let people out there read the bill for a week? The CBO, the Congressional Budget Office, scored the original bill. Now they’ve added a lot of border security that will reduce the number of illegals coming in. That will change the scoring in different ways. Are they going to have that Monday night? No…I think Republican Senators should not vote for cloture Monday night.

Will we really reduce illegals coming in when those receiving future visas will be allowed to “over-stay” and still apply for a Green Card, even if we have a “surge” of border patrol agents (you know it won’t happen). Relatives of current illegals will have the right to come to the U.S. – millions of them. We are told there are 11 Million illegals now, but we know the true number is far, far more – so then the relatives show up, and if you’re not fortunate to be a relative, just apply for your visa, show up and stay. It’s the good ole’ U.S.A., here to meet your every expectation.

Find contact information for Senators below the video. Make the phones sing tomorrow.

Bill Kristol on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace – Immigration Bill (video)

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Three points taken from Senator Jeff Sessions press release:

● The Schumer-Corker-Hoeven amendment doesn’t change the bill’s amnesty first framework. Instead it goes even further and creates an automatic amnesty for future illegal aliens. Section 2302 says if you overstay your visa in the future you can still apply for a green card and become a citizen. It is permanent lawlessness. Joined with existing language that restricts future enforcement, it guarantees unending illegal immigration.

● Contrary to their rhetoric there is no border surge. The Secretary [of Homeland Security] doesn’t even have to start hiring new border patrol agents until 2017, and the amendment only gives her until 2021 to increase the number by 20,000. According to the National Association of Former Border Patrol Agents, this hiring process could take up to 20 years. Much like the 2006 law requiring a 700-mile border fence, it’s never going to happen.

● To raise money, the amendment increases fees on visas for legal immigrants, but keeps the same low fees and fines for those applying for amnesty – favoring illegal over legal immigrants. Under the 2007 comprehensive immigration bill, amnesty applicants had to pay up to $8,000 – vastly more than the fines in the current plan which total only $2,000 and are subject to numerous waivers. The Gang has repeatedly claimed their bill is completely paid for by fees. However, under the Schumer-Corker-Hoeven amendment, the American taxpayers are on the hook for $38 billion.

Contact info – vote sometime tomorrow – call anyway – if it passes keep calling, tweeting and leaving messages on their Facebook page. Include your own Senators too:

Find phone and fax information for the entire U.S. Senate here – start with Senator Rubio.

Senator Marco Rubio: Twitter @MarcoRubio  Facebook

Senator Bob Corker: Twitter @SenBobCorker  Facebook

Senator John Hoeven: Twitter @SenJohnHoeven  Facebook

Senator John McCain: Twitter @SenJohnMcCain  Facebook

Senator Lindsey Graham: Twitter @LindseyGrahamSC  Facebook

Senator Jeff Flake: Twitter @JeffFlake

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  • This is exactly what happened with Obamacare and we know how that worked out.

    Again we see the schemes, the bargains, the bs.

  • Republicans had better learn to fear their constituents. We will not be silent and stand by while these RINO’s try to appease a bunch of law breakers and the MSM. We will make it our job to see this is your LAST term!

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  • Yos

    Broken clocks, all that! We’ve been waiting for quite a long time for Kristol to get something right.

    1,000 pages or so – any clue what else is in this homunculus?