ICE Dir John Morton Resigns: Agents Vote No Confidence and Sue – Andrew Traver an August Recess Appointment?

Can’t wait to see which lilly-livered liberal is nominated for the position of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director now that soft-on-crime John Morton has finally resigned. ICE Agents gave him a vote of No Confidence, some Agents sued and a court says they have standing to take their suit forward, claiming “prosecutorial discretion,” violates the oath they swore to. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) called for Morton’s resignation which is happening at the end of July 2013. Maybe anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment Liberal Andrew Traver will become an Obama recess appointment to replace Morton. Traver, the former head of the Chicago Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), was nominated to head the ATF, but the Senate refused to confirm him. He eventually transferred from the Chicago ATF office to the Denver ATF office – in a snit and offended that the confirmation didn’t go through. An Obama August recess appointment sounds about right, doesn’t it? Convenient that Morton chose the end of July?

John Morton, ICE Director

John Morton, ICE Director

January 2013:

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has called for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director John Morton to resign, saying there can be no comprehensive immigration reform as long as he’s the person in charge. In 2010, 7000 ICE agents stepped forward and cast a vote of ‘No Confidence’ in John Morton. In September 2012 75,000 ICE agents signed a petition protesting the Obama administration’s policy of “prosecutorial discretion,” meaning if you are in the U.S. illegally, you can stay if you meet Obama’s “Presidential Priority” requirements and you will be released back into the community of legal citizenry. Ten agents sued in October 2012 and yesterday a Judge ruled the agents have standing to continue with their suit to overturn the “Morton Memo” on “prosecutorial discretion and the DREAM directive on deferred action.

When ICE agents issued a press release about “no confidence” in Morton, the word “immigration” was not used as they know there is no such thing as “illegal immigration.” Here are two pullout quotes to demonstrate what these agents go through every day:

“The lack of technical expertise and field experience has resulted in a priority of providing bingo nights, dance lessons and hanging plants to criminals, instead of addressing safe and responsible detention reforms…”

“Unlike any other agency in the nation, ICE officers will be prevented from searching detainees housed in ICE facilities allowing weapons, drugs and other contraband into detention centers putting detainees, ICE officers and contract guards at risk.”

February 2013:

And the current chief of the union that represents Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents will tell the House Judiciary Committee that ICE agents are now required to wait until most illegal immigrants have three misdemeanor convictions before they can be arrested and put in deportation proceedings.

“Most Americans would be surprised to know that immigration agents are regularly prohibited from enforcing the two most fundamental sections of United States immigration law,” said Chris Crane, president of National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council. “According to ICE policy, in most cases, immigration agents can no longer arrest persons solely for entering the United States illegally.” Source: The Washington Times

NiceDeb has Morton’s draft memo to local Police to stop enforcing immigration laws in 2010.

I don’t have any inside information about Traver’s, it’s just a guess, but Obama is keen on getting his way. Taxpayers paid for Traver’s close to $1 Million move. Maybe we’ll be forced to move him to Washington, D.C.

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