Happy Father’s Day to America’s Dedicated, Defending Dads

We speak often of our Founding Fathers. It takes modern-day Defending Fathers to carry forward the freedom and liberty the Founders were willing to  sacrifice their lives, their health and their wealth for. They had lived with tyranny and they didn’t want it for their families – for their children. You and I have access to hundreds, probably thousands of smart and verbal, Dedicated and Defending Dads (just look at my blogrolls) who believe protecting the Constitution…adhering to it for the good of all men, women and children, are blogging the defense of their country and families every day – before work, after work, on breaks – whatever it takes to say in their own way, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death. When our liberty wanes, the ability of the Dad to take care of his family, wanes with the tyranny.

Happy Father's Day to America's Devoted Dad

Happy Father’s Day to America’s Devoted, Defending Dads

Father’s do the heavy lifting. Feminists can’t deny it with even an ounce of integrity. If you are a man, to respect yourself and have respect among your peers and family, you must work and you must work hard, and if work isn’t available, you have to find a way. That burden is different for a woman (not ignoring the many women who must be the sole support of their families). If we must work outside the home or want to, we do and we are respected. If we stay at home with a mission to raise our children full-time, we are respected. Not so for a man. He simply must work and provide and do whatever it takes, even with the help of his wife – he MUST work. It’s the natural order of things.

So to my incredible hubby who means everything to me and our children, my brothers, nephews and male friends, I wish you a blessed and happy Father’s Day, and the knowledge that your children love you immeasurably for the Father you are and have been. If you are a man alone, maybe out of a job and unable to find one, a Veteran disabled and unable to work after serving as the ultimate Defending Dad, I wish you the peace of knowing that tomorrow is another day, and a heart to believe it. May God bless each and every one of you and all those you hold dear.

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

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  • A Happy Father’s Day to every Daddy out there. Make no bones about it, you will always be Daddy to your children.

    • So true. This is very good, Maggie. My adoptive father was my real daddy to me. I am so grateful to him and for the wonderful dad that is an adoptive father to his son, that I am now newly married to. He is a disabled veteran, and dedicated patriot.