Guess What Happened When The Kochs Called the New ObamaCare Hotline?

The Kochs, not the Kochs as in the Koch brothers – specifically Teresa, one-half of the Fort Worth Kochs, made a call to the new ObamaCare hotline. She had had no prior contact with the Obama administration health care giant in the past – none. What she learned that they already knew about her and her husband is not surprising considering what we know about this spying, lying Government today, but…America, the time has come and the end is not near. Here’s a snippet:


Wanting to be helpful (no, really – I just wanted to see how efficiently my tax dollars are being used; being a pest was merely a happy little added benefit), I decided to give the folks at the hotline a call (1-800-318-2596) and see just how much help they were going to be to the unsuspecting Low Information Voter (LIV) who decided they wanted to throw some extra money the government’s way (remember, the Supreme Court said that the government cannot force the citizenry to purchase ANYTHING).

Whoo boy.

Read the rest of the story at Koch’s Tour. Graphic courtesy of Eric Allie and Cagle Cartoons

  • RKae

    Man! I read that opening sentence about a dozen times, and can’t make head or tail out of it. Does ANYONE on the internet know the difference between a plural and a possessive anymore?

    It’s an apostrophe, not a violin. It doesn’t take years to master it.

    • RKae – yikes, no wonder you couldn’t read. You can check my site and see I far more often than not get it right. Sorry about that.

  • Did you know it’s invite a bureaucrat to dinner month?

    WOW … what a special treat to see me on your sidebar. Thank you Maggie Girl, it means a lot!

    • Woodsterman, you have the funniest (meant in the best possible way – funny as in humor) blog on the Internet. Having you in my sidebar should be a treat for readers. My 91 year old mother wants me to print-off the Armani shoes for her to share at her Assisted Living ‘retreat.’ 🙂

    • Woodsterman, btw I didn’t know about ‘invite a bureaucrat to dinner month.’ I know none so that probably puts me in good company. How about you?

  • Just wait until the “navigators” hit the scene. If you think the paid government employees were clueless, the unlicensed navigators should really be a joy.

    The law is way too complicated, and the questions are just now bubbling to the surface.

    • Kevin @ Growing Family Benefits. No doubt you are right. Bottom line, the whole thing is unconstitutional, no matter what the Chief Justice of SCOTUS was paid to opine.

  • Thanks so much for the mention, Maggie! Really appreciate it ♥♥♥

    FWIW, Obamabette #1 was slightly more intelligible than the State’s “star witness” in the George Zimmerman trial….

    • Teresa – My pleasure. It was a story that needed to be told. I hope others will make a call and tell us what happens. Most people don’t have a clue. Sad news for George Zimmerman.

      • Actually, it’s pretty good news for Zimmerman – the young lady in question was barely intelligible, and didn’t help the State’s case against him in any way, shape, or form. She was disrespectful, curt, and it sounded like she might have impeached herself on the stand.

        If she’s the best that the “Trayvon” team has to offer, they have a very weak case indeed…..

        • I’ve missed the entire proceedings, but just saw a clip of the “girlfriend” who was on the phone with Trayvon when the confrontation with Zimmerman happened. She said she asked Trayvon what the man looked like and he said “a creepy-ass cracker.” If we’re talking about the same person, that should be good news for the defense. While it’s never noted, racism goes both ways.