Get Your Personal Drone Here: You Spy, They Spy, Everyone Spies – Remember Government Drones Can See Your Weapons

Who has the right to the airspace over your roof, or the space outside your bedroom window? What can you do about your nosy neighbor or or the creepy guy from the next block over who seems to know every time your little girl steps outside to play? Wish I had the answer for you, but I don’t. I do know the Government/Police/Sheriffs believe they have the right to the air you breathe. Remember this story:

Insectoid UFO

Insectoid UFO

Homeland Security is ordering-up drones designed for war to be used for surveillance of U.S. citizens, even though we  know that our wars are over, according to this administration?  The specs call for the ability to see if a person has a weapon and specs that once a person is identified with a weapon, that person can be tracked – like…to your home. Nothing new other than the drones are now to be used to “see” and “track” you and I. So if you legally carry a weapon, daytime or nighttime, leave your cell phone at home. Remember Rodney Brossart and his family? Read the rest of the story here.

Randy Brossart was the first man to be arrested by drone evidence, precisely the Predator drone – you know, the one used over battlefields. The issue was 6 cows belonging to neighbors, which wandered on Brossart’s land. I’m not sure what the story is today, but at the time Brossart said he would return the cows if the negligent neighbors paid for the cost of feed. Instead, law enforcement intervened on the neighbor’s behalf. Cows! And a Predator drone belonging to Homeland Security was brought in. The government drone could see the Brossart’s guns. When they put their guns down, a swat team swarmed.

Do you know about the latest incident of drone-abuse? Have you done any sunbathing lately? Have you checked YouTube to see if you show up?

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Thanks to friend and Master of Bronze David Lemon at Clay to Bronze for the tip

  • Maggie, here’s a video from one of the quad flyers.. just so you can see the quality of the video they shoot…