Former NSA Whistleblower, Blows the Whistle Again: Obama Wiretapped, Judges, Lawyers

Russ Tice

Russ Tice

Russ Tice “blew the whistle” on G. W. Bush’s warrantless wiretapping in 2005 and says he held orders in his hand to wiretap high-ranking Military officials, attorneys, judges – one which sits on the U.S. Supreme Court today. He claims he held these orders in his hands – doesn’t say if he read the taps. One order was to wiretap numbers associated with Barack Obama, then in the Illinois Senate. I say repeal the Patriot Act and start over. We have a lying Top Cop, a lying Commander-in-Chief and everyone around them willing to lie. Enough is enough. @#%^($#@!^& Read more at The Blaze.

  • Richard

    How do we tell the good guys (and gals) from the bad ones? I need a scorecard. Reminds me of the Laurel and Hardy comedy about “who is on first”. Sorry, your site deserves better than this.

  • It is not the taping it is the fact that this White House is the most corrupt ever!

    • findalis, perhaps it’s that our intelligence is corrupt, and this White House has a penchant for using what they can get their hands, as Obama did in his Senate race. Whatever, I do believe this is the most corrupt White House with the DOJ leading the way.

  • So is this another “Bush did it” so its okay for us to do it? You’re right, Maggie, it’s time to repeal the Patriot Act.

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  • Richard

    Okay, I think I understand it now – It is okay if it our politician ordering the spying and not okay if it is their politician – except if a NSA analyst overhears someone who sounds suspicious, then it is okay; as long as they are not Muslim.

  • physicsnut

    If you want to see real TRAITORS
    – look at those “representatives” the USA sent to the Founding Convention of the U.N.
    Here they are – with their KGB code names.
    Solomon Adler = “SACHS” in Golos-Bentley group – in Treasury Dept
    Virginius Frank Coe = “PEAK” – was in Treasury Dept – US rep to IMF
    Laurence Duggan = “FRANK” PRINCE” or “SHERWOOD”
    Noel Field – in State Dept
    Harold Glasser = “RUBLE” – Perlo Group – Treasury dept, War Production Board
    Alger Hiss = “ALES” in State Dept, FDR advisor at Yalta – worked for GRU – Chairman at UN conference
    Victor Perlo = “RAIDER” was at Treasury and War Production Board
    Abraham George Silverman = “AILERON” – Asst chief of Air staff – Silvermaster Group
    Nathan Gregory Silvermaster = “PAL” “ROBERT” Board of Economic Warfare
    William Taylor – Silvermaster Group – at Treasury
    William Ludwig Ullman – Silvermaster Group – at Treasury
    Henry Julian Wadleigh – at State Dept
    Harry Dexter White = “JURIST” “LAWYER” “RICHARD” asst Sec of Treasury – wrote a tax plan for Soviet Union !

    Do you think that maybe I should be a wee bit concerned about whether these people were representing America ?