Florida Drone Hovers over Female Sunbather Hi-Def Camera Rolling – Controller Guimy Alexis Wanted to Add Music – Put It On YouTube

Florida’s WKMG Orlando Local 6 identified the owner/controller of a small drone that went out-of-control and crashed into a tree. A WKMG Local 6 reporter was walking down a sidewalk, heard a noise, looked up and saw the drone in the tree. The video report here says small, unmanned drones like this one cost as little as $300 to build. The drone owner, Guimy Alexis, has made numerous similar drones and says there is nothing “nefarious” going on in hovering over a female sunbather. He just wanted to add music and put it on YouTube. Had the female sunbather looked up, she would have seen the drone hovering above. She didn’t look up. She almost made YouTube.

Drone allegedly mady by Guimy Alexis

Drone allegedly made by Guimy Alexis

Living in a forrest may be the only way to preserve privacy rights.

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  • Maggie, found this on on these cheap drones. http://www.youtube.com/user/Dronee365?v=5RM1w8flv04

  • montanaconserv

    If I remember right, there was a case upheld by court where a drone was used over a family farm to determine if the occupants were armed or not, etc.. this involved stray cows that came onto the farmers land, and subsequent siege and arrest by the local sheriff.. the drone was loaned to the sheriff by the feds… Anyway.. it was okay and not a violation of the farmer’s privacy to utilize drones over his private property….

    We lost our rights to privacy ages ago…

  • Richard

    How do they get people inside those little drones? I know that Democrats are “little” people, but this is ridiculous.

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  • Maybe Vice President Biden was right; “Buy a shotgun!”

    • Steven, if a few of these are blasted out of the skies, it might make the investment not worth it. Maybe a paint gun to splash the lens of the hi-def camera

  • You know, Maggie, a good sunbather, You Tube video would have qualified this as a great Rule Five post!

    • proof, why didn’t I think about that? Bet there are millions of them on YouTube. Wonder if there any taken by drones and we just don’t know it?