Did Malia and Sasha ‘hip’ Daddy to Lil Wayne the American Flag Stomper?

In a 2010 Rolling Stone interview, Barack Obama was asked one of those tough questions we all wait for: “What music have you been listening too lately?” He answered: “…now I’ve got a little Nas and a little Lil Wayne and some other stuff, but I would not claim to be an expert. Malia and Sasha are now getting old enough to where they start hipping me to things.” In the video, Lil Wayne is also “hipping” children younger than Malia and Sasha back in 2010. Take a look as the American Flag falls to the ground, he does his thing, and the crowd watches adoringly.

Lil Wayne and the American Flag he is not "disrespecting."

Lil Wayne and the American Flag he is not “disrespecting.”

Oh, but he explains:

“It was never my intention to desecrate the flag of the United States of America. I was shooting a video for a song off my album entitled ‘God Bless Amerika’. The clip that surfaced on the Internet was a camera trick clip that revealed that behind the American Flag was the Hoods of America,” he said. “In the final edit of the video you will see the flag fall to reveal what is behind it but will never see it on the ground.” Source: Fox News

You do see it on the ground below.

Lyric snippet of God Bless Amerika:

“My country ‘this of thee / Sweet land of kill ’em all and let ’em die / God bless Amerika / This ole’ godless Amerika.”

According to this source, Lil Wayne Carter is Roman Catholic and a regular reader of the Bible. His first child, a daughter, was born when he was 15. Today’s he’s 30. He and the daughter’s mother married a few years later, then divorced. Since then, he has had 3 more children with babymammas, not wives. A fourth woman miscarried. Really, look at the children in this video. Think of the positive message he could send to them: I was raised in the “Hood” and look at me. I came through it and excelled. You can too, and you needn’t have children out of wedlock, because you might not make the money, I, a studly rapper makes and you might not be able to support those babies. So get your education, get a job, get married, love your children and your wife, don’t stomp on the American Flag and never spell America ‘Amerika.’

 Lil Wayne “Performs” in Amerika (video)

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  • Look in the dictionary and you’ll find “Lil Wayne’s” picture next to the definition of “lying crapweasel”. He knew they were dropping the flag on the ground. That disrespects the flag all by itself. Then, in the video, you can see him looking down at his feet as he steps on it. Is he auditioning to be the new White House spokesperson?

    The lyrics (which he probably didn’t know he was speaking) disrespect the country as well. This guy disrespects the country that gave him the opportunity to grow wealthy, and he doesn’t have the guts to stand behind what he did as soon as he starts to take any heat from it.

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