David Coleman Common Core Rewriting PSATs, SATs: Coleman Connections – Obama Bill Ayers Chicago Annenberg Challenge

David Coleman, the acknowledged “architect” of Common Core Standards is busy rewriting PSATs and SATs to fall into line with his Common Core Standards on English. Many states are awakening to the fact that Common Core removes all state and local control and will dumb-down our children in a manner that chills the heart – sometimes referred to as educational social justice. But…if states never sign-up for Common Core, or if states pull-out, if PSATs and SATs are written to Common Core Standards…what then?

David Coleman

David Coleman

Several states have now begun the process of stopping the implementation of Common Core because people are waking up to the standards’ limited capacity to deliver a better education.  But even if states can opt out of Common Core, how will the schools in those states avoid aligning their course materials to reflect the standards when David Coleman, the president of College Board, has been rewriting the PSATs and the SATs to match the CCSS? Source: American Thinker, David Coleman

David Coleman has connections to Weather Underground bomber, William (Bill Ayers), Barack Obama and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, headed by Obama and appointed by Ayers. No, Ayers wasn’t “just a guy in the neighborhood” as Obama claimed when he was running for President. He and Ayers shared an office for three years, and cheated the children of Chicago out of millions of dollars of educational funding – a significant amount going to Ayers’ Small Schools Workshop, most of it to ethnic projects – not priorities like math and reading. Linda Darling Hammond is a Stanford professor who has worked closely with Bill Ayers over the years and was Obama’s Educational Advisor during his first presidential campaign.

In February 2008 Darling-Hammond issued a blueprint for education reform by the next President that set as its #1 priority the repayment of the “education debt,” as proposed originally by Ladson-Billings.

Bill Ayers has endorsed the idea of repayment of the “education debt.” Ayers is now a Vice President-elect (Division B: Curriculum Studies) of the AERA.

A chapter called “Education for Democracy” by Darling-Hammond appeared in a volume co-edited by Ayers called A Light in Dark Times. A chapter co-authored by Ladson-Billings on “racing justice” appeared in a book co-edited by Ayers called Teaching for Social Justice: A Democracy and Education Reader. Ladson-Billings wrote the foreword to Ayers’ book, To Teach: The Journey of a Teacher. Ayers and Ladson-Billings are co-editors of City Kids, City Schools: More Reports from the Front Row just published. Ladson-Billings contributed a chapter in a book edited by Bill Ayers, Rick Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and Jesse L. Jackson called Zero Tolerance: Resisting the Drive for Punishment published in 2001. Source: Maggie’s Notebook

More on Darling-Hammond:

But they are wrong in saying that Common Core isn’t a road map to indoctrinating students into far left philosophy.  Power players like Linda Darling-Hammond and Congressman Chaka Fattah  ram socialism and redistribution down America’s throat in education policy, while Pearson pushes it in the curriculum.

It’s safe to say that Linda Darling-Hammond has as much say as anyone in this country when it comes to education policy.  She focuses on “equity” and “social justice” –that is, redistribution of wealth using schools.  Reread that last sentence.

Darling-Hammond has worked for CCSSO (Common Core developer) since long before the standards were even written.  She served on the standards validation committee.  She now works for SBAC (the Common Core test writer); she also consults with AIR (Utah’s Common Core test producer) and advises Obama’s administration;  she promotes the secretive CSCOPE curriculum and more.

The Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) shutdown when the money ran out, but it lives on today through the Marxists who are driving it with the new moniker, Common Core Standards – a method of aligning schools across America with the same indoctrinational curriculum. The spin is that all American children will be well prepared for a college education when they graduate. You’ll see below that the goal is just the opposite.

The connections go something like this:

David Coleman —> Student Achievement Partners —> Grow Network —> Vartan Gregorian —> Ayers Small Schools Workshop —> Chicago Public Education Fund —> Annenberg Challenge —> Obama’s Race-to-the-Top —> Sec. of Education Arne Duncan —> Linda Darling Hammond —> Teachers for Social Justice —> Teaching Social Justice —> Linda Darling Hammond/Bill Ayers

The David Coleman-Bill Ayers Connection in just a few words – Chicago Public Education Fund:

Prior to Student Achievement Partners, Coleman and Zimba were co-founders of the Grow Network (now owned by McGraw-Hill Company). Grow Network began as a pilot program in New York in 2000. Less than a year later, the Chicago Public Education Fund began negotiating a contract with Grow Network on behalf of Chicago Public Schools.

The Chicago Public Education Fund (‘The Fund’) was created in 1998 by the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) board of directors, which included Barack Obama as board chairman and communist Bill Ayers, as co-chair.

President Obama’s newly appointed Commerce Secretary, Penny Pritzker, was one of twelve founding board members appointed to The Fund.

Common Core Education Without Representation:

Teachers for social justice are to be  “change agents” to engrain principles of ”social justice” to their young captive audiences.  Such children are taught that “justice” means government can and should “redistribute the wealth.”  –But how do you re-something if you haven’t done it in the first place; government bureaucrats didn’t give us land or money, so they can’t re-give it; they can only take it.  They can only negate individual financial status by assigning one person’s money or assets to another, by force.

Yes, by force.

So, how well are teachers and school districts following the advice of the Secretary of Education and “teaching for social justice“?

Teacher’s colleges are pushing it.  Parents –at least in some places– are fighting it.  Even our local school district  has a vision statement that says: “We believe in enculturating the young in a social and political democracy.”

Jeb Bush hearts David Coleman and Common Core’s most benevolent funder, The Gates Foundation, also donated to Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Educational Excellence, ($500,000).

College Board:

TIME named College Board President David Coleman to the 2013 TIME 100, the magazine’s annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world….

“The TIME 100 is not a list of the most powerful people in the world, it’s not a list of the smartest people in the world, it’s a list of the most influential people in the world. They’re scientists, they’re thinkers, they’re philosophers, they’re leaders, they’re icons, they’re artists, they’re visionaries.  People who are using their ideas, their visions, their actions to transform the world and have an effect on a multitude of people.”

Coleman is recognized by TIME for his work as a lead architect of the Common Core State Standards and the promising new direction he has signaled for the College Board.

“Innovation, collaboration, and excellence all require leadership,” wrote Governor Jeb Bush in his 2013 TIME 100 Tribute to Coleman. “Everyone who meets David is struck by his intelligence, eloquence, and diligence on behalf of America’s students.

The Failed Chicago Annenberg Challenge:

An example of how things worked at the CAC: grants went to the South Shore African Village Collaborative. The ‘African Village’ spent $150 million on ‘rights of passage’ (puberty rites), and Kwanzaa celebrations.

At the same time, others were not worthy of grants: The Chicago Algebra Project, with a goal to increase student achievement, The District 5 Math Initiative: goal to aid Hispanic students in the process of learning English and to further learn math and science – not worthy.

Causes supporting ethnic identity were the CAC focus, and the program was a spectacular failure under the Director of the CEO, Barack Obama.

Never let a crisis go to waste:

Working behind the scenes, implementing these policies and writing the standards are associates from President Obama’s community organizing days. In de facto control of the education component is Linda Darling-Hammond, a radical left-wing educator and close colleague of William “Bill” Ayers, the former leader of the communist terrorist Weather Underground who became a professor of education and friend of Obama’s….

How was it that 48 governors entered Race-to-the-Top without knowing outcomes?

It was one of the many “crises” exploited by the Obama administration. While the public was focused on a series of radical moves coming in rapid-fire succession, like the health care bill and proposed trials and imprisonment of 9/11 terrorists on domestic soil, governors, worried about keeping school doors open, signed on. Many politicians and pundits praised Obama on this singular issue, repeating the official rhetoric about raising standards. Source: Accuracy in Media (AIM)

Utahns Against Common Core (watch the video mentioned below, here):

I was at a Meet the Candidates event last night and someone told me that Phil Daro, one of the writers of the math standards, said they wrote Common Core specifically for social justice. For those that don’t know, social justice is a buzz word that means redistribution of wealth or helping the poor at the expense of the wealthy. I did a couple of web searches and found a teacher’s website (who seems to get it) with this video where Phil says it right at the end.

Common Core set minimum standards for all students which means minimal learning for those who could accelerate. Thus social justice is achieved by holding down the achievers to the level of the lowest common denominator and by forcing them to learn what you want them to learn instead of letting them become individualized and accelerating their education as they can. Nowhere is this going to happen more than in Utah where we adopted math standards in an integrated fashion instead of discrete years. If you’ve not read about that problem yet please click that link. Otherwise watch Phil’s video clip. I’m not sure who he’s speaking to but they are an easily entertained bunch.

The same organization linked above, Utahns Against Common Core, have an excellent video explaining Common Core and the Obama administration’s agenda. After introductions at about 4-minutes in there are clear, hair-raising quotes from the administration, including Arne Duncan and Barack Obama. In the video, you will hear a parent quote Jason Zimba who worked closely with David Coleman and the second architect of the English Standards. The quote: Jason Zimba “…he admitted in a recorded Pioneer Institute interview that the standards actually only prepare the kids for a two-year non-selective Community College College.” See that video below.

Common Core has four standards: English written by David Coleman, Math written by Phil Daro (and others), Science and Social Studies.

Common Core Science:

States have begun to take sides on the new Common Core science standards released last week. The standards shift students toward engineering, away from traditional biology, chemistry, and physics disciplines, and they tell children starting in kindergarten that humans have caused dangerous global warming.

“This is a very big victory for the other side,” said Craig Rucker, executive director of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, a nonprofit that promotes free-market environmental stewardship. “If you start inculcating these ideas into the young, they will view this as a statement of faith, and it becomes very difficult to convince them otherwise—which is why the proponents of climate change are doing it.”

I find little on Common Core Social Studies with the exception of what Common Core has to say, so no reliable information to pass forward.

In closing, I refer you to an article by Patriots 4 Liberty discussing Texas CSCOPE, Common Core, the money that flows to states through Common Core Standards, and ask again, if PSATs and SATs are rewritten to align with Common Core Standards, what happens to the students not taught to Common Core (and by the way, in the 45 or 46 states that have adopted Common Core, private school and home-schooled students must be taught to Common Core. See my Common Core reading list here, including a book from Common Core’s own reading list on harvesting the organs of American teenagers because, well, because they are naughty, or a poor student or your parents no longer want you – recommended for 7th – 12th grades, blaming an America that outlawed abortion.

Many thanks to Grumpy Opinions who sent the tip about Coleman and Ayers.

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What is Common Core? Utahns Against Common Core (video)

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  • Richard

    My heart goes out to our children. Thanks Maggie for putting together a great source of material for those of us fighting the good fight to keep our children (and grandchildren) away from the socialist mind set. It is obvious you spent a lot of thought and time. “Our children are our future, our only future.” Whoever is driving “left” party bus these days, and the “race to the middle” and the dumbing down of America – want parents (and grandparents) to just turn over our children to them lock stock and barrel.

    • Richard, thanks. These clueless state legislatures have done this and parents are fighting back but huge sums of money and time have already been invested. It’s a mess. Can you image that they have the right to dictate to private schools and homeschoolers. Unbelievable!

  • I suspect that a great deal of lawsuits will be filed over this. The left doesn’t want an educated population. They want a population with enough learning to fill out a welfare form and that’s it.

    • Richard

      I am not knowledgeable of blogging protocol; but, Findalis’ recent post (O, Republican Party, Why hast Thou Forsaken Me?) is worth the read.

      • Richard, yes that is a good letter and many of us feel as he does. The problem is, if we really care about this country we have to vote for someone. So far there hasn’t been a Libertarian that I can vote for. What do we do? By the way, there is no blogging protocol, but it’s good if a blogger posts something interesting, and someone wants to read. Findalis does that regularly. The reader is the judge of protocol. 🙂

    • findalis, someone will have to do something. If kids can’t get into college because the can’t pass the PSATs and SATs, something has to be done, BUT assuming the goal is to dumb-down the students, kids not forever enslaved by Common Core can pass the tests anyway. Oh, well maybe not. If they answer that Christopher Columbus discovered America, or that American revolutionaries were immensely brave and worthy of being thankful for, I suppose they would fail.

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  • Richard

    Are we allowed to comment more than once? If I remember correctly, (it has been a few years ago) when I graduated from high school there were no alphabet soup standardized tests (SAT, PAT, ZOO, ETC) for college. It was the college’s discretion, after looking at ones transcript, to decide if an applicant was accepted or not. The system was very simple and worked extremely well. Probably more students graduated back then than they do now, with all the fancy tests and politically correct rigmarole. My rant for the day!

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