CNN: 49% Think Obama Dishonest – 100% Know It With Certitude

If a CNN poll shows that 49% of Americans believe Barack Obama is dishonest, the true number is more like 40% or lower. His overall disapproval rating has risen to 54%, with the “trust” issue dropping 9 points from previous CNN polling.


In worse news, back in 2006, only 52% of Americans disapproved of how President George W. Bush handled government surveillance of Americans. Today, a full 60% disapprove of Obama on the same issue.

This is likely due to the fact that Bush always made clear that the War on Terror was his foremost concern and that he was doing everything possible to make us safe. On the other hand, Obama ran against Bush’s surveillance state and now tells us that the War on Terror is pretty much over. But then we learn that rather than wind down the surveillance along with the war, he has put it on steroids.  Source: Breitbart

I don’t think Obama cares. His Democrats in Congress are seldom asked to do anything for him. He does what he wants by fiat. ObamaLand comes to an end in 3-1/2 years. He and Eric Holder have time to do all the damage they have long planned to do.

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  • Obama poll numbers are dropping—why is that not surprising! Wonder why it took so long. The MSM can only cover for this idiot for so long.

    • Ron, I hope you’re right. I think they will do everything they can to get the numbers back up. We can only use our imaginations to think of what that “everything” might be.