BBC Producer Finds Threat Letter on Flight From Egypt to New York – Along With a Seat Number

BBC New York producer Nada Tawfik, on board EgyptAir Flight 985, found a note lying in the lavatory sink, threatening to set the plane on fire. The flight with 326 passengers was bound from Cairo to New York City and diverted to Scotland for an emergency landing, escorted to the ground by British fighter jets. The note was written on a napkin in pencil, and according to this report, also contained a seat number. EgyptAir Chairman Captain Tawfik Assy said he hopes the flight will soon resume it’s journey (even though we are his country’s No. 1 enemy, a designation shared with Israel).

Nada Tawfiq (photo from Ms. Tawfiq's Twitter Profile)

Nada Tawfiq (photo from Ms. Tawfiq’s Twitter Profile)

Ms. Tawfik is quoted saying the handwriting on the napkin looked “child-like,” or “very sloppy.” When she gave the note to crew members she said “I don’t know if this is a prank,” to which they replied, “…no it can’t be a prank.”

“I’ll set this plane on fire”, along with a seat number, written on it in English.

Miss Tawfik, who was travelling with her young daughter, said she found the note – written on a napkin with a pencil – inside the sink about three hours into the flight. She immediately reported it to cabin crew who then locked the toilet.

Before being allowed off the plane she said: “It’s a bit chaotic on the plane. We are still here, as you can imagine, it’s a pretty tense situation.

“No security has boarded the plane, people are out of their seats. Everyone’s trying to grab what they can to drink, people are concerned, there are babies on board, everyone’s very frustrated.” Source: Telegraph

Another version of the note from The Mirror:

When I went in to change my daughter about three hours into the flight, I found a note by the sink saying ‘I set this plane on fire’ with the seat number 46 D written on it.

Three weeks ago, British fighter jets escorted a Pakistan International Airlines flight bound for Manchester, England to an emergency landing in Stansted, England after two British men of Pakistani origin, tried to get into the cockpit and threatened to blow the plane up. The airline  identified the men as Umera Ashraf and Mohammad Shafqat.

Here’s the punch line writers for the Daily Mail said the “incident” “is not thought to be terrorism-related….” Who’s thinking is that? Police, the Daily Mail editor, the writers?

I have found nothing more on the significance of seat number 46 D, reportedly found as a part of the note.

  • Does it feel that the Muslims are testing our systems. In the air with incidents like this. On the ground with the Muslims who were able to gain access to Boston’s water supply.

    The next time it might not be notes or seeming innocent “engineering” students but a real bomb or a poisoning of a city’s water supply. The destruction of a city’s electrical supply, etc…

    • findalis, they are testing us one way or the other. You know the Muslim male psyche – always wanting something to boast about whether it is making fools of us or killing us.