American Andrew Pochter Killed in Egypt Riots – Stabbed in Chest: Obama “Working” to Protect Cairo Embassy

An American man, Andrew Pochter (21) from Maryland, was stabbed in the chest on the streets of Alexandria, Egypt. He died in a military hospital. Pochter was a student at Kenyon College in Ohio and was working as an intern at Amideast, an American non-profit organization, according to a Kenyon College spokesperson. Millions are expected to take to the streets tomorrow as non-Morsi supporters turn out in Cairo to protest Mohamed Morsi’s one year anniversary of rule, along with the Muslim Brotherhood. Morsi’s supporters and police will provide their own “millions” and violence is expected although both sides are asking for peaceful demonstrations. The Obama administration says the safety of our Embassy in Cairo and our American consulates are safe.

Protesters set fires outside the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Headquarters in Alexandria, Egypt

Protesters set fires outside the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Headquarters in Alexandria, Egypt

General Amin Ezzeddin, a senior Alexandria security official, said the American was using a mobile phone camera near an office of Mr Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood in the city’s Sidi Gaber neighbourhood when it was being attacked by protesters.

He was rushed to a military hospital, where he died. Source: Sky News

The Alexandria riots are a couple of days old now. Three (3) are reported dead. Yesterday the count was five (5), and the number of injured remain seventy (70). Mohamed Morsi’s “movement” is saying five (5) of their supporters are dead. No way to reconcile who died on which side from the reports I am seeing. At least one of the deaths was by gunfire. A Muslim Brotherhood member was killed at the Brotherhood’s office, in the Nile (I believe in the town of Aga). Protesters broke into the building and threw furniture and papers into the streets. The MB headquarters in Alexandria.

For more detail, check my initial report on Alexandria and the Egyptian Young Guns from yesterday. Arab League diplomats, Muslim Brotherhood officials and Christians are reportedly fleeing the country. (Photo credit STR/AFP/Getty Images)


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