Adel al-Hassan, Leading Anti-Morsi Protester, Shot, Paralyzed: Twitter Alive #Tamarrod

Adel al-Hassan was an “active” member of the Tamarrod (Rebellion Initiative), the movement that has reportedly gathered 7 Million or 15  Million or 17 Million or 22 Million signatures, depending on who you believe, to oust (asking him to step-down) Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsi The following report says Adel al-Hassan was “targeted” as he stood in front of a crowd calling for supporters to stand against oppression. His younger brother says the shooting was the work of Morsi and/or the Muslim Brotherhood or “Islamist affiliates.”




“He is well known for his political activism and for being Tamarrod’s representative; he was targeted while calling people to stand in the face of those oppressing them,” said Mohamed Hussien, a friend of the victim who talked to Al-Monitor at the eastern Cairo public hospital where Hassan is kept under medical surveillance. Hussien stood beside Hassan when three birdshot bullets were fired at them; bullet fragments injured his right arm…

“Adel was definitely targeted; every eyewitness confirmed that it was not a random shooting incident. But since the attacker remains unknown, we cannot accuse anyone,” Abu Ghazala told Al-Monitor.

Meanwhile, the language of Morsi’s supporters has grown more aggressive as the countdown continues. Leaders of Egypt’s Islamist currents went from mocking the petitioning opposition to accusing members of Tamarrod of faithlessness and finally threatened those considering participating in the June 30 protests. Source: AlMonitor


Adel is/was employed by the government’s State Information Service.

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Adel al-Hassan, Leading Anti-Morsi Protester, Shot, Paralyzed: Twitter Alive #Tamarrod

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