Virginia: Saudi Diplomatic Military Compound Raided Searched for Human Trafficking: Young America Girls Sex Slaves in Fairfax County

The State Department and DHS Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has raided and searched a Saudi diplomatic compound owned by the Saudi Military for possible human trafficking. Two women say they were brought to the U.S. legally but have been virtual slaves inside the compound since. The “diplomats” have full diplomatic immunity. What is the Saudi military doing with a “compound” inside the U.S.? And this is not solely a problem of foreigners. Young American girls are also victimized.

Compound Reportedly Owned by Saudi Military in McLean, Virginia

Compound Reportedly Owned by Saudi Military in McLean, Virginia

As you’ll see in the video below, Diplomatic Immunity is an firewall between crime and prosecution, but then there’s the Vienna Convention, which stipulates that “diplomats are under a duty to respect the law and regulations of the receiving state.” Nevertheless, out of dozens of cases, we have prosecuted only two.

According to Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA), many young American women are enslaved Washington, D.C. in sex rings. Our Nation’s Capitol is a viper’s nest for the indecent:

“Nearly 80 Northern Virginia establishments have been identified as operating illicit sex rings that enslave mostly young American girls, forcing them to engage in sexual acts for money, Rep. Frank Wolf (R., Va.) and state law enforcement officials told a crowd of some 50 concerned residents during a town hall forum Friday morning in McLean, Va.”

“Onlookers appeared shocked to learn most of those who are forced into the sex business are 12- to 14-year-old local girls who come mostly from well-to-do families…”

“There have been 21 individual sex trafficking cases encompassing 38 defendants and at least 37 juvenile victims in just the past year, Woolf [sic] said.” Source: Free Beacon

Partial transcript from CBS video below.

CBS INTERVIEWER: Cases like this in which foreign workers complain of being virtual slaves to foreign diplomats here in America are not uncommon. Advocates for the victims say the State Department and Homeland Security are investigating more cases than ever – the problem is diplomatic immunity.”

MARTINA VANDENBERG, HUMAN TRAFFICKING PRO BONO LEGAL CENTER: “It’s very difficult to prosecute someone who has full diplomatic immunity.”

CBS INTERVIEWER: Martina Vandenberg of the Human Trafficking Pro Bono Legal Center says the Justice Department can attempt to prosecute traffickers who are diplomats, but after 15 years and dozens of cases she say, that’s only happened twice [prosecution].”

INTERVIEWER: “You’re saying that the administration needs to make that decision, to prosecute more often?”

VANDENBERG: “That’s exactly right. This is a little known and little recognized and horrible side of human trafficking here in the United States…Right here in Washington D.C.”

“Literally ten miles from the White House, people being held in homes, forced to work, paid absolutely nothing, sometimes physically abused, sometimes sexually abused.”

INTERVIEWER: “The Saudi’s did not respond to our request for comment. Sources confirm the diplomat on this compound has full immunity.”

End Transcript

“After a tip to a telephone hotline, agents from the State Department spoke to two Filipino women employed in a compound owned by the Saudi military in McLean, Va., just across the Potomac River from Washington.”

“The women told agents they are household workers brought to the U.S. legally, but they complained they’ve never been allowed to leave the compound and said they felt like indentured servants. Special agent John Torres, of the Department of Homeland Security, calls it a possible case of human trafficking.” Source: CBS

Again, why does the Saudi Military have a compound in the U.S.?

CBS Interview on possible Saudi Human Trafficking (video

  • Why should the US be any different from Europe. Sex trafficking is rampant in England where Muslim Asian gangs train young British girls to be their sex slaves.

    With more Muslim Asian immigration into this nation, we will see more of this.